You Can Make Direct Mail Feel Luxurious on a Budget!

One thing that we often encounter when welcoming new clients to the direct mail industry is the assumption that making a piece of mail look “high-end” costs more. This can be quite difficult for people with high-end products or services needing to get the word out. However, that is where the magic of design can do wonders. At Mudlick Mail, we have done extensive research on what different design elements do for businesses, and we have some great news for you: evoking expensive elegance doesn’t have to cost you anything extra! When you have a great design team like ours, there’s almost no limit to how far we can make your budget go!

When Do You Need Luxurious Mailings?

Many times, direct mail is used to advertise deals, sales, and special events where people can get your products for reduced prices. This is often effective on a big crowd. However, sometimes, advertising cheap prices isn’t going to appeal to your target audience. Sometimes, you need to elevate your brand.

Generally, people believe that expensive things are higher quality. They see expensive offers and see credibility, believing that you get what you pay for. People also notice high-quality mailings and are more likely to open them. If you’re trying to build a reputation for your business as dependable and excellent in your field, a luxurious mailing is the way to do it. People will assume that you have the funds to send out individual, high-quality mailings, and their confidence in your business will go up.

What Exactly is “Luxurious” When It Comes to Mail?

We all know when we’ve received an expensive piece of mail. It’s usually an invitation to a wedding or graduation, and we can feel the quality in our fingertips. We see it in the font and the ink. When it’s time to create strikingly elegant mailings Mudlick Mail, we have a number of highly effective tactics, including the following:

  • The envelope.
    Luxurious mail doesn’t come in the form of postcards or brochures, it comes in an envelope. That is where we start. You can’t hope people will open your mail and experience the quality. They need to experience it immediately. That is why we will often use textured or heavy paper stock.
  • Fonts and ink.
    We dive into elegant fonts as well as foil, metallic inks, soft background patterns, and varnishes. When we pair these unique design elements with effective content, we can create a truly luxurious experience that will ensure recipients remember you.
  • Heavy inserts.
    When it comes to the mail within the envelopes, we go for a paper stock that has a rigid feel to it. We want it to feel like a membership certificate or another significant piece of paper. We can also leverage different folding patterns or lengths of paper to keep prospective customers interested.

The Key to High-End Direct Mail: Clean Design

We have learned that it doesn’t matter what kind of size, paper, or finish you use when creating direct mail; if you don’t keep the design simple, you cheapen the experience. Too many graphics and a lot of text distract the recipient from the luxurious feeling of the special finishes and other important touches. You need to let your brand and the materials speak for themselves.

Let Us Bring You Success

When you work with us, we’ll make sure the design of your mail stays streamlined. We’ll work to preserve the negative space that gives the viewer’s eyes a chance to rest. Our mass mailing service will direct more of your budget toward materials rather than elaborate designs, giving you the elegant, simple mailings you need to get your point across. Contact us to get started today!

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