What Makes Direct Mail So Effective?

Direct mail has been around for a long time. It has been joined by video, email, and social media, all marketing channels that offer unique advantages in an age where everyone is online all the time. Where some people think that newer marketing channels have made direct mail a thing of the past, this isn’t the case. Direct mail remains valid and can actually be more effective due to the way it contrasts with electronic marketing methods.

In our experience in the marketing industry, we’ve found that even if people see the effectiveness of direct mail, they may avoid it because they assume it will be too expensive, too time-consuming, and too much of a pain. After all, electronic marketing can get you targeted coverage for a relatively low price and a minimum of effort. And if someone doesn’t open an email, that’s not as much skin off your back if a physical piece of mail goes astray, right? Wrong. When you put aside direct mail for electronic marketing, you cut out a foundational piece of your marketing toolbox. You throw out what may be your best edge and decide to swim in an oversaturated electronic sea. It’s a bad idea. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss just what makes direct mail so unique and important in the marketing world.

What Makes Direct Mail So Effective?

It Uses True Targeting

Direct mail has the ability to pull on extensive volumes of data that make it more surgical than electronic marketing. At Mudlick Mail, we constantly work to save our clients money while generating new business for them, and the only way we can do that is by sending mail to the right people. We ensure that our mail gets to the right place by pouring time and energy into our mailing lists. We have access to many types of data, including the following:

  • Online surveys
  • Back product warranties
  • Loyalty cards
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Charity donations
  • Credit card purchases

We add a bunch of other metrics, like family size and location, and we use this information to create different lists of recipients. We can customize the content and design of each mailing to be effective for whoever receives it. This is part of what makes Mudlick Mail so effective; it’s why so many businesses in so many industries trust us to both generate new leads and bring back old ones.

It Integrates Easily

When it comes to marketing mediums, it isn’t a game of “either-or.” Direct mail is incredibly powerful when paired up with social, web, and media marketing. In a way, it provides the physical ground that the electronic mediums can stand on. Even better, it is also one of the easiest marketing mediums to measure and keep accountable. It can take your marketing budget and make it go a lot further than you think it can.

It Can Be Held Accountable

When you invest in a marketing campaign, you want to know if it was effective or not. Successful marketing is a moving target, and without careful tracking, you’ll have no idea what your next move should be. We carefully track every single campaign we send out and then take the time to analyze the factors that make them more successful or less successful. We use the results to make tweaks for the next campaign, always keeping that marketing target in our sights.

It is Personal

You can plug people’s names into emails and use retargeting ads to get their attention, but these are old tactics that are basic rather than revolutionary. The electronic saturation of today’s world makes personalized, physical mail unique, especially for younger generations who haven’t experienced anything beyond being submerged in electronic content.

It is Tactile

So much communication happens via a screen, being able to hold a piece of marketing in your hands can make a big impression. Direct mail comes in many different shapes and sizes, allowing you to do all kinds of fun, effective things with brochures, letters, postcards, and more. You can get active involvement from your customers, guiding them to your electronic or brick-and-mortar store.

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with Mudlick Mail

We said that successful marketing is a moving target, and it’s true. While some people may find this stressful and frustrating, the team at Mudlick Mail finds it exhilarating. That is what makes us so good at what we do: providing effective direct mail marketing campaigns to a huge variety of industries. We empower businesses to get the word out about their services and products without having to destroy their marketing budgets along the way. Marketing isn’t an overnight kind of game. It needs to be sustainable in order to deliver results over time, and our effective prices and elite expertise can make your budget go very far. Contact us to get started!

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