Ways to Use Direct Mail in the Auto Industry

Americans love their cars, and if you work in the auto dealership industry, you know how cutthroat it can be. You have to move vehicles off your lot or you can end up struggling to stay afloat. At Mudlick Mail, we understand the challenges you face every day. You not only need to stay on top of what customers actually want, you need to get their attention. After all, you’re probably not the only car dealership in your area!

When you need to stand apart from the rest and be on-the-spot when customers need you, marketing is the answer. On paper, marketing can seem pretty simple. You find channels that can broadcast information about your dealership (billboards, radio, television, newspaper, magazines, email, etc,), give them your information, and then wait, right? If you’re shaking your head, you know the truth: there’s a bunch more to it than that. You have to pay money to use advertising channels, and the more people you try to reach, the more it costs. There’s no guarantee you’re talking to people who actually need what you’re offering, either. At the end of the day, you may have flushed a bunch of your marketing budget down the toilet without seeing any returns.

In truth, the concept of marketing is simple, but the reality is a complex science. For many people, it’s a stressful gamble. The good news is, the code can be cracked. It’s more of a science than a shot in the dark if you know what you’re doing. That is why the team at Mudlick Mail works so hard to keep our direct mail solutions at the top of their game. We want to help your auto dealership! Today, we are going to discuss how the auto industry translates into direct mail for effective marketing.

Important Aspects of Direct Mail for the Auto Industry

Direct mail and the auto industry make great business partners, especially when guided by experienced marketing professionals. If you haven’t used direct mail before, here are some opportunities where it can bring in the business!

You can make a limited-time offer on specific makes or models.

  • There are models that fly off the lot almost as soon as they arrive and other models that just won’t sell (even though you thought they were a sure thing). This is normal. One way you can move those reluctant models is by offering specials on them. Limit the offers to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency. Mudlick Mail can make the event more significant by printing and mailing promotional postcards to people who will be able to afford those models. That way, you don’t pay for advertising that gets you nowhere.

You can host a test-drive event open to individuals and families.

  • Need to get people onto your lot? Have a party! For many people, the experience of driving a car closes or breaks a deal. If a person loves the driving experience, it will be very difficult for them to not come back ready to make a purchase. It’s easier to dismiss a vehicle when you haven’t driven it, so prevent customers from dismissing your vehicles by letting them test drive them! The Mudlick Mail team can provide fantastic invitations for your target audience, making them excited drive what you have to offer.

You can promote effortless credit approval processes.

  • For most car-buyers, the credit approval process is one of their least favorite processes of all. The easier you can make it while maintaining its integrity, the faster you’ll sell vehicles. Actively combat the universal assumption that credit processing is a pain with direct mail. Our team will design unique mailers that will get your message across and draw people while being kind to your marketing budget.

You can announce new vehicles, their stats, discounts, and rebates.

  • While not everyone eagerly anticipates the advent of new car models, everybody likes to get better gas mileage and save money. When you get vehicles that will do just that, let us help you make sure people know it. Mudlick will do the heavy lifting by creating mailing lists that target people who will be able to afford your vehicles as well as people who will be eager to take advantage of any deals. We can make your marketing money go further!

You can use a year-end sale to clean up your lot.

  • You might be surprised how many people know when it’s best to buy a car. Use this knowledge to your advantage by getting the word out about your sale with Mudlick Mail. We will help any of your electronic marketing methods go twice the distance by putting physical mail into prospects’ hands.

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Direct mail is a marketing advantage you simply cannot afford to go without. Our decades of experience and passion for keeping up with the cutting edge makes us unstoppable resources for you. Contact us to get started today!

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