How Email and Direct Mail Are Stronger Together

In our last blog, we mentioned the evolution of marketing. It is an important part of marketing success. At Mudlick Mail, we are constantly working to stay on the cutting-edge of marketing and the way it is evolving to suit the current times. We believe that successful marketing is a powerful combination of innovation and tradition. Multi-channel marketing has been shown to lift response rates by as much as 20 percent. However, it can get even better. When email and direct mail are put together by an experienced, knowledgeable team, response rates have been shown to double. In light of these results, we are pretty surprised by how skeptical our clients can be about adding direct mail to their email campaigns. Too many people have been swept up in marketing’s entry into the digital age and have dismissed the importance of physical marketing that people can hold in their hands. It doesn’t have to be one or the other; why not enjoy the benefits of both at the same time?

In our last blog, we dove into the ways we can help you synergize email and direct mail for the maximum marketing benefits. Doing so may be key to your business’s survival. As the fad of digital marketing fades, it is essential to branch out and make your marketing strategy as diverse as possible. Direct mail is proving itself to be an incredible partner of email marketing. In today’s blog, we want to continue our discussion about why combining direct mail with email is well worth the cost.

How Direct Mail + Email = Successful Marketing (Continued)

As we mentioned in our last blog, we’re talking about acquisition marketing. You’re basically introducing your business to people who didn’t know it existed in hopes they will become your customers. You need to cast a wide net. Of course, you’ll want to be smart about just what makes up your wide net, but it’s important not to limit your marketing strategy too much. There will be opportunities to narrow things down for the people who do become your customers (special offers, loyalty programs). For now, it’s time to get Mudlick’s help on getting the word out!

Format Differences Create Opportunities, Not Complications

People interact with physical mail and email differently. Even though they don’t know it, they bring different expectations to each format. This is a powerful realization to come to because it opens the doors to a thousand opportunities to become more effective. The better you understand how your targets will view your mail, the easier it is to design mail that is incredibly compelling. There are a few important factors we like to keep in mind here:

  • A physical mailpiece is a solitary entity and must stand on its own. Just one of our pieces of direct mail has a lot of jobs to do all at once. It has to be interesting enough to catch the viewer’s attention, but that is just the beginning. It must also provide multiple calls to action, features, benefits, comparisons, charts, and beyond, all in one space.
  • Emails need to encourage people to click on links and learn more. The designs for emails can usually be simpler because whoever is viewing them is already on a computer or mobile device. This means the viewer can easily click links to get more information. Emails create intrigue that draws recipients in while preventing them from being overwhelmed with information.
  • Both emails and physical mail need similar design elements. You need your brand to stay consistent across all channels, so making sure that all of your channels echo each other (in their own ways) will be very effective. Instead of carbon copies, make your designs complementary.
  • All channels need some element of personalization and relevancy. Everything we do at Mudlick Mail comes together to ensure that we’re sending the right message to the right people at the right time for your business. When we hit the sweet spot, the return on your marketing money is phenomenal!

Email Can Be a Great Vehicle for Closing Sales

While direct mail is a stand-apart way to introduce your business, it isn’t necessarily as strong on closing the deal. Instead, emails can be a fantastic way to follow up with people who have received your mail. You can send them “time is running out” messages via email or just remind them of what you offer, and in doing so, you’ll stay at the forefront of their minds. This is a very cost-effective strategy to stay front-and-center in consumers’ lives.

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