The Perfect Marketing Mix

Every industry is different. Though it may make sense to market one way for one industry, it won’t necessarily make sense for another. At the end of the day, you need the perfect mixture of marketing elements for your business, and it won’t always look like another business’s mix. Figuring out just what that mixture is can seem like a very elusive goal. How long will it take? How much money will it take?

If you’re feeling like the search for your business’s perfect “marketing mix” is too mysterious, don’t worry. The world of marketing has its own pillars that have been proven over time. These are strategies and elements that simply work, and they are a great starting place for a marketing mix. At Mudlick Mail, one of our favorite things is getting to know a business and identify its unique marketing needs. There is nothing more satisfying than decoding a business and what its customers need, and we’ve been doing it successfully for years. In today’s blog, we want to take some time and look at the wild and woolly landscape direct mail marketing and give some insights into how we will navigate it for your business.

The Fundamentals

As we said, the best place to start when tackling your marketing mix for the first time is the fundamentals. Fundamentals not only give you a starting point; they also become the foundation you can hold onto as your business fluctuates. It takes discipline and dedication to maintain the fundamentals, but it is the best way to position your marketing to thrive. Here are important fundamentals, in no particular order:


  • This part of your marketing strategy is alive, always evolving, and always open to improvement. It is the list of addresses you’re sending mail to, and when it is curated correctly, it can give you impressive results. At Mudlick Mail, we have comprehensive programs designed to track your list, the response it gets, and implement adjustments and improvements. This ease of use is essential to the success of a list and having the guidance of one of our experts will ensure that your business improves.


  • Having a compelling offer is key to the success of your direct mailing strategy. Your customers need to be fulfilled or have problems solved by the offer. It needs to be clear and easy to act on. Many times, it will be repeated several times through the piece of mail in order to ensure that the reader knows exactly what is going on and what to do.


  • The writing on your mail supports your offer. It should be error-free, short, and accurate. Great copy is often repetitive without being too obvious about it. It isn’t too long, because no one is going to read a bunch of text. We know how long your copy should be and can help you craft compelling text for your direct mail campaigns.


  • This is where things get pretty! Graphic design comes into play, pulling together your offer and copy in a way that makes it easy for the eye to navigate. Design tells people where to look first. It also promotes your branding, building brand recognition for your business. Any design less than world-class isn’t acceptable, and that is why Mudlick Mail is the best solution for you. Our designers are the best of the best!


  • This refers to how often you send campaigns out. It may be a few times a year, every two months, or every month. You probably have a rotation to get through, and there are seasonal deals to consider. We can work with you to develop a stable rotation that your budget can handle while growing your business.

Halo Effect

  • This refers to the way that other marketing channels may affect your direct mail campaigns — and vice versa. It can be used to boost the overall response to your efforts. In general, television has the largest effect on all channels. Radio is next, direct mail follows, and digital comes in last. Finding the perfect combination of channels is a moving target, but we love it. Let us do it for you!

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