The Need for Dental Direct Mail

Appointment reminder cards used to be all the mailing that was required for a neighborhood dentist office to succeed. Word of mouth brought in new clients and direct mail advertising seemed unnecessary.

With advertising coming to your clients from all directions, dentists need to employ a direct mail strategy now more than ever — and some have even started. The problem is that most dentists often fall short of a comprehensive direct mail campaign that works because they don’t realize that dental direct mail requires a different strategy then the direct mail of a cable company, for example.

First of all, as you craft all of your direct mail marketing flyers, don’t forget that dental patients are looking for a personal connection with their dentist. Put a touch of yourself in the design of your marketing flyers and the feel of your dental office will draw in new patients.

Many direct mail companies offer stock postcards for a discounted price, but they are not as effective. You should find a direct mail advertising company that will work with you to customize a postcard to fit your particular dental office. A little extra energy in the design will result in increased sales and lasting client relationships.

In addition to the difference in design approach in dental direct mail, the frequency of mailings is also intensified. To attract new patients, you need get your name out in the neighborhood to generate a little buzz. While it may seem counter intuitive, you actually must flood local mailboxes during certain points of your direct mail marketing campaign. If the frequency becomes too much, you can use a direct mail company to handle the logistics.

You should change the frequency of the mailings to reflect the time of year. You and your clients are less active in the summer and spending money on direct mail advertising during that time is a waste. Likewise, times around the holiday are “dead times” for dental direct mail and should be avoided as a cost saving measure.

A carefully planned and executed dental direct mail strategy can increase sales and help keep clients coming back. Overlooking the role of direct mail advertising in the dental industry is one of the many mistakes out-of-work dentists make. A small investment now with a direct mailing company, may be the difference in barely staying afloat or growing into the neighborhood’s number one dentist.

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