Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media marketing services will help your business engage prospects and customers on their favorite social media platform. Social media marketing experts at Mudlick Marketing will help your business develop an authentic voice and connect with your targeted audience. Contact our experts today for a free quote!


The Importance of SOCIAL MEDIA

  • Almost Everyone Is On It, All Of The Time
  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Opportunity To Deepen Connections
  • Expand Beyond Your Current Members
  • Unbelievable Targeting Capabilities


  • 2+ BILLION Users On Facebook
  • $513 BILLION Stock Market Capitalization Of Facebook (8/18)
  • 19% Of Time Spent On Mobile Devices Is On Facebook
  • 29.7% Of Users Are Between The Ages of 25-34
  • 1+ BILLION Users On Instagram
  • $16.54 BILLION Marketing Spend In Social Media Advertising In 2017
  • 62% Of Companies Outsource Their Social Media

THE BENEFITS of Outsourcing

Having a social media page is similar to having a gym membership — you won’t see results if you don’t properly utilize it.

Properly managing social media accounts is extremely time consuming. In addition, social media is constantly evolving. We keep up with all the latest trends and developments so that you don’t have to. Save the time and hassle and trust us to provide you with strategies proven to:

  • Boost Your Likes & Followers
  • Increase Leads
  • Increase Member Satisfaction
  • Improve Your Online Reputation


  • Review & Assess Your Current Social Media Presence
  • Create Quality Content Posts on Your Behalf
  • Build Your Brand’s Voice & Audience
    • Facebook & Instagram Ads
    • Promoted Posts
    • Utilization of Hashtags
  • Analyze Results & Adjust Strategy As Needed


We will expand your reach to target prospects through strategically placed Facebook Ads.

Ads can be targeted based on age, gender, zip code, interests, and many other criteria. We can also analyze your current member base and target people that are similar. We can even target your members - even those that don’t like your page!

Facebook Ads increase your likes and leads for only a few dollars a day.

Types Of Engagement Ads:
  • Page Post Engagement - These ads are known as “boosted posts.” Facebook will automatically optimize your ad so that you reach more people and increase your likes, comments & shares.
  • Page Likes - These include a button for users to “Like” your page
  • Video Views - Videos often generate the most engagement on Facebook and are a more personal way to connect to your audience.

Did You Know...

On average, only 2% of those that like your page will see any given organic Facebook post you make?


Direct response ads are focused on generating leads and sales. They are also a great way to direct more people to your website, create awareness about an event, or promote a special offer.

Types Of Direct Response Ads:
  • Lead Generation - These ads collect contact information without the user ever leaving Facebook. This allows potential clients to see a form that is already filled with info they have shared with Facebook, like their name, number, or email. This is a great ad to use to painlessly capture lead information. The best part is,
  • Clicks To Website - Get more people to click through to your website or landing page.
  • Event Responses - Promote your event and drive more registrations.
  • Website Conversions - These ads allow you to track specific actions people are taking on your website. By adding a snippet of code called a Pixel to the HTML of your site, you can receive a report when people see your ad and take action, such as browsing your website or registering for an event.
  • Local Awareness - Reach people that are located near your business.
  • Offer Claims - Promote special offers that people can claim with the click of a button


We will provide you with complimentary access to our digital analytics dashboard, which you can access 24/7. This allows you to analyze powerful data and identify trends to maintain consistent improvement.