Small Business Marketing – From Mind to Mailbox

Most small businesses don’t have a large budget to pay marketing teams to develop elaborate advertisements.  They don’t have the kind of money other big businesses do to throw around for everything from magazine ads to television spots.  A small business is much more practical.  Things like a sensible website, word of mouth, and a few well-placed ads here and there can be enough to get them by.

But there is one venue that some small businesses haven’t yet realized.  It is affordable, effective, and extremely easy.  It isn’t fleeting like online marketing or easy to dismiss like a television ad.  Rather, this is a physical piece of something – a sliver of your business sent out to hundreds of individuals to see.   This is direct mail.

Direct mail is the sending of an ad or informational piece to potential clients in the area.  Not everyone around you will know of your business and what you can offer them.  It’s time to let them know about your services or your products – or both!  From dental work to automotive repair, there are all sorts of ways you can entice customers to visit your location and become a customer.

You can choose what you want for your piece of mail.  Everything from the design to the information on the postcard or fold over brochure is up to you.  Postcards are a popular choice because of their size and straightforward design.  They are affordable as well, which is why even in today’s digital world it’s no surprise to see a postcard ad appear in the mailbox.  But when it’s for a local business people are much more interested because you never know what you might need – and it can be much easier discovering a local business through direct mail than searching through the myriad of sites through Google or other search engines.

Remember, you shouldn’t have to sign a contract or do anything you are uncomfortable with when it comes to working with a direct mail company.  A company that offer flat fees and no contract can make for an excellent partner because they understand that your needs may change and you may require different things from them.  Likewise, the right company will offer all sorts of direct mail benefits to help give your business the most for its money.  You want to make your business known – so all you need is high quality mail.  Let them do the rest and give you the important information you need to make the right adjustments in the future.

Customers who find you through direct mail should be plentiful.  Postcards for businesses can end up tacked on cork boards, stuck to refrigerators, or simply set near the computer for easy discovery later on when they need your information.  You may get some inquiries first before solid customers.  People are curious about making certain choices, especially when it comes to more serious businesses like dental work.  But even something as simple as a phone call means your direct mail is working for you.  And you can continue to expand both your business and your direct mail marketing campaign as time goes by.

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