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What is shared mail or marriage mail?

In shared mail advertising, your direct mail ad is included in a direct mail package with other direct mail advertisements from multiple businesses. Shared mail or marriage mail is a highly cost effective way to advertise using direct mail marketing. The direct mail costs are shared between every advertiser included in the direct mail package. The cost of direct mail using shared mail can be as low as pennies per household.

There are different ad placement and ad size options available for shared mail advertising. You can choose on-page advertising placed on the outer direct mail package or choose from various direct mail insert sizes.

Also keep in mind, usually at least a minimum quantity of 10,000 direct mail inserts is required for each mailing.

Can I target specific customers with shared mail advertising?

Shared mail is the most cost effective direct mail solution to reach the most households in a market area. A saturation mailing list is used which allows you to saturate an entire area or select neighborhood within specific zip codes. Zip codes can be chosen based on basic demographic criteria such as:

  • Median household income
  • Median age
  • Median home value, and more

Most major areas are covered throughout the USA, however in some rural delivery routes, not all zip codes are available.

Do you want to target a specific customer profile based on lifestyle attributes, vehicle make & models, health ailments, specific business industries, etc. with a customized direct mailer? Learn more about specialty lists and customized direct mail ad campaigns, here.


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