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Most business owners question the true volume of direct mail postcards they should send out consistently. Our answer is going to depend on your goals:


First, think about how many new customers your facility can handle.

Scenario #1: Let us say you can handle 30 new patrons per month. For an acquisition tactic, you are going to want to provide an aggressive compelling offer catered to your industry. You decide to send out 6,000 mailers per month to higher income individuals around your facility. If you receive a 1/2% response rate, you are likely to see 30 responses! (6000x.005=30)

Scenario #2: Let us say your goal is to acquire 30 new customers per month. You decide you want to start small and send out 1,000 postcard mailers with an aggressive compelling offer to middle-higher income individuals around your facility. If you receive a 1% response rate, you are likely to see 10 responses. (1000x.01=10) Not as many as you needed to reach your goal.

Scenario #3: Let us say you can only handle 20 new customers per month. You decide to send out 10,000 mailers with an aggressive compelling offer to individuals around your facility. If you receive a ½% response rate, you are likely to see 50 responses! If your facility is not prepared for that volume, it could be a detriment to your business having to turn down paying customers OR you can hire more employees to take on the new work load! Mudlick Mail is equipped to help with the on boarding process with scripts and webinars. Remember: You can skew response with how aggressive your offer is on the postcard. Volume is key for gaining the highest acquisition rates and saving money with volume discounts.


You can mail to your existing database. The response rate for retention bulk mailers is usually a bit higher since they know and understand your customer service and service cycle. Normally, businesses mail to individuals that have not come in for 12-18 months. This tactic creates customer loyalty and increases customer retention.

Brand awareness:

If your goal is to simply get your product/service brand in front of customers, we would suggest a less aggressive offer for your ideal customer. Reach your best customer with a free market analysis so you can see how many people you can reach in your target location. This tactic is flexible seeing as though you understand acquisition rates may seem low and you just want to saturate your surrounding/ideal market share.

Have you done direct mail before? If you have done direct mail before, you probably have a good idea of the offers that created response and ideas to capture your best customer. Remember: If you did not receive the response you wanted, work with your dedicated account manager on what offer will create a better response or if the previous direct mail company was able to target your best customer based on demographic profile.

‘Well over half of the respondents-59%- report a monthly direct mail volume of 100,000 or less. The median monthly mail volume falls in the range of 50,000 or less.’

The response varies for each industry depending on the different size and formats of direct mail.
Source: DMA Response Rate Report 2015

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mudlick Compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30X
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