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There’s nothing more frustrating than having a product or service you know people would need or love, to have worked tirelessly to make it a reality, and then not be able to reach your customers. If this describes you, you aren’t alone. Many entrepreneurs find themselves flummoxed by how to market their products successfully without burning their marketing budgets for less-than-spectacular results. Spending money to make money is okay, but you can only spend so much before things need to change.

Marketing of any sort requires constant tweaking, and direct mail is no exception. The problem is, many people approach direct mail with blanket approaches, spending a lot of money on creating a bunch of mailers and sending them to everyone in hopes that something will happen. No marketing budget can handle this approach. Instead, you need to connect with a team who can take that marketing budget and use it skillfully to appeal to only people who are likely to be customers. Mudlick Mail is that team.

Direct Mail Gold: Postcards

We offer many different forms of direct mail, but postcards are some of the most powerful. Our design team has years of experience creating eye-catching designs that get the intended messages across in an instant. We love postcards for the following reasons:

    • They are simple, beautiful, and effective.
    • You can boost the uniqueness of your mailing with perforations for coupons or scratch-off patches that people will find difficult to resist.
    • Postcards are incredibly affordable and deliver astonishing value for little up-front investment compared to other mailings.
    • Postcards can be used in a multitude of different industries, including automotive, chiropractic, dental, fitness, HVAC, landscaping, legal, non-profit, political, retail, salons, veterinarians, and weight-loss programs. And that is just the beginning.
    • We’re always expanding, and even if you don’t see your industry represented on our site, we have the skills to tailor our world-class skills to your business.

Creating the perfect postcards isn’t enough. You have to get those postcards to the correct people without wasting a lot of money on people who aren’t even prospective customers. That means you need mailing lists that have been finely-tuned to reach your best prospects. At Mudlick Mail, we can use over 100 metrics to fine-tune your mailing list. After each mailing, we carefully analyze the response and adjust the mailing list for the next time. That means we have the ability to flex and change with the world around us, making our service incredibly effective. It also means we make every dollar work extremely hard for you.

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If you’re using any other kind of direct mail service, it’s time to start using the best team in the country. We are here to advocate for your service or product on a wide scale, getting the word out about your hard work to those who will want to invest. When you work with us, you get a dedicated account manager who will leverage great training and skills to bring your business success. Contact us today!

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mudlick Compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30X
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