Postcard Marketing: The Benefits That Could Stretch Your Marketing Dollars

Many companies today are looking toward direct mail with their marketing dollars, and for good reason. With higher ROIs than ever, direct mail means a targeted, personalized solution that could be perfect for your business. One of the most popular products within direct mail is postcard marketing. Check out these benefits.

  • Postcards serve as the perfect reminder for existing customers. Whether you’re having a big sale or you have new products you want them to know about, postcards can be customized to deliver the right message at the right time.
  • Postcards can be targeted to specific customer groups based on varying demographics versus a mass mailing approach.  You have the flexibility in choosing the best prospects on your list based on your message and marketing objectives.
  • Postcards are more affordable than any other direct mail option. They’re cheaper to create and cheaper to send, so you get a solution that offers your customers something tangible without the high cost of marketing flyers or brochures.
  • Postcards are more durable than other choices. While flyers can easily get bent or torn during the mailing process, postcards are printed on thicker stock, including the option of glossy paper, so you get a great look combined with durability.

Choose the Right Company To Help

If you’re thinking that postcard marketing might be the right solution for you, the key to increasing your ROI is to make certain that you have a direct mail company standing behind you who can help with every step of the process. Mudlick Mail is that company. With the right resources to make certain you get the perfect direct mail list, design, and analytics you need to make your marketing efforts a success. You can expect a better ROI from the very first mailing. Visit our online ROI Calculator tool to see how easily postcard direct mail can maximize your marketing spend.


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