Direct Mail For Political Campaigns


Direct Mail Marketing For Political Campaigns

Winning elections is getting increasingly more challenging. Potential voters are inundated with political messaging during election seasons while their trust in government institutions is constantly dropping.

This makes it difficult to establish credibility using common strategies of political outreach.

However, not all forms of political advertising are created equal.

According to a study commissioned by the United States Postal Service®, voters in Virginia found direct mail to be the most credible form of political advertising. More than 2 out of 3 voters (68% of surveyed voters) consider direct mail to be one of their most credible forms of political outreach.

Direct mail can be one of the most effective ways of political outreach. It can be utilized as a part of the outreach strategy for local, state and federal elections.

In addition to voter outreach - direct mail marketing can be used for fundraising.


Why Choose Us For Your Political Direct Mail


Experience with Political Direct Mail.

At Mudlick Marketing, we have experience conducting direct mail advertising campaigns and working with politicians at the local, state and federal levels. We have solutions for every political campaign


Tracking and Reporting.

At Mudlick Marketing, we believe that there is no success without proper measurement. We provide every client with a proprietary phone tracking and reporting system.


Transparent, All-Inclusive Pricing.

Our pricing includes everything from direct mail campaign planning to design, mailing and tracking. At Mudlick Marketing, you will never encounter hidden fees!


Excellent Results For Political Campaigns.

Political candidates, along with their campaign managers, trust us with their direct mail marketing because we deliver results. We are experts in direct mail for political campaigns.


No Contracts.

At Mudlick Marketing, we have experience conducting direct mail advertising campaigns and working with politicians at the local, state and federal levels. We have solutions for every political campaign

More Than Just Political Mailers

Similarly to advertising campaigns, the success of political campaign direct mail outreach will depend on your ability to reach the right people with messaging that will resonate with them.

This is in a lot of ways more challenging to accomplish in voter outreach than it is for selling a product or a service.

Consumer needs and concerns are typically well established and widely known in most industries and markets.

This is not the case when it comes to voter outreach, which makes planning political direct mail marketing campaigns more challenging.

Issues that constituents care about differ based on the type of elections. Political issues that people care about on the local level are often different than the issues those same constituents care about on the state or federal level.

In addition, demographic factors such as age, income, gender, race etc will also play a significant role in how people form their opinions and select political candidates.

Direct mail marketers that promote products or services rarely have to deal with the same type of complexity when planning a direct mail strategy.

At Mudlick Marketing, we understand the needs of political direct mail advertising, as well as differences between political and other types of direct mail.

We have a proven track record of success working with local, state and federal campaigns. Our services include:

  • Direct mail campaign consulting;
  • Mailer design;
  • Mailing lists and demographic reporting;
  • Data modeling;
  • Printing and mailing;
  • Tracking and measurement and
  • Advanced reporting.


Political candidates and campaign managers choose us as their direct mail advertising partner because we understand that every political campaign is unique.

We provide them with expert direct mail guidance, clear and transparent pricing, and industry-leading campaign measurement and tracking system.

If you’re looking for a political direct mail partner, contact us today to speak with an experienced direct mail marketing expert.

Political Direct Mail Makes A Difference


Mail Recall is High: When recalling which types of political advertising they received during the 2017 campaign, surveyed voters overwhelmingly pointed to “TV ads” and “mail sent to their home” as the most frequent forms of political outreach. In today’s highly competitive media environment, communication sources are coming under heavy scrutiny. In the era of fake news, it’s paramount for campaigns to ensure that they’re sending their message out to voters through a credible source.

USPS Study, mudlick


Direct Mail Products For Political Campaigns


Data Cards

Data cards, or small postcards, can be an effective way to make announcements for your political campaign. They can be used to promote fundraisers or other types of campaign events.

6x11 Postcards

6x11 postcards (also called jumbo postcards) are used to drive awareness of issues important to your political campaign. Because of their size, these postcards are not easy to miss - making them extremely effective.

Bifold Tabbed Self Mailer

These types of self mailers are effective because they stand out in mailboxes, they have no envelope to open while being large enough to include lots of information important to voters.

Trifold Envelope Mailer

Trifold envelope mailers can be used for your campaign when the information needs to be personalized. This mailer looks official and is effective for fundraising as it can include reply envelopes.

Political Lists & Data Modeling

The success of any political campaign depends largely on its ability to develop a message that will resonate with the demographics that’s most likely to support it.

Understanding the demographics of your likely supporters is only one part of the equation. You also need to be able to define who your likely voters are in terms of demographic attributes and then acquire a high-quality list.

This is important for any type of political outreach -, especially for fundraising.

At Mudlick Marketing, we are able to provide your political campaign with specialty lists based on any demographic or psychographic attributes, such as:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Income;
  • Race;
  • Location;
  • Party affiliation;
  • Homeownership;
  • Likelihood of contributing to a political campaign;
  • Likelihood of engaging in fundraising activities;
  • Likelihood of being publicly or civically influential etc.

If you would like to learn more about direct mail marketing for political campaigns, political mailing lists and data modeling, contact us today to schedule a free, political direct mail marketing analysis.

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