Patient Acquisition

An introduction to patient acquisition:
• Phone Skills
• Patient Call-Back Program


Phone Skills

Incoming Call Script

How your receptionist answers the phone can have a profound impact on your practice. After all, the old adage of, “you only have one chance to make a first impression”, is pretty accurate. Besides answering the phone in a pleasant manner, there are 5 key elements to a successful phone interaction:

  1. Greeting
    • “Thanks for Calling (Name of Practice) this is (Person Answering Phone) How can I help you?”
  2. Listening
    • Uncover the customer’s needs.
  3. Take Control
    • Ask questions to qualify the customer.
    • Use phone scripts when asked about pricing
    • Ask, “How did you hear about us?” (Recognize postcard/whisper feature)
    • Offer 2 appointment options – ex. Tuesday/Thursday, Morning/Afternoon
  4. Data Capture
    • Complete name
    • Best phone number to reach at
  5. Close
    • We look forward to meeting you…
    • I will call you 24/48 hours before to confirm your appointment time

Phone Scripts

New Patient Special - dental phone script Major Procedures - dental phone script
Free Second Opinion- dental phone script

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Patient Call-Back Program

Purpose: To generate patient count and sales for a slow time of the week

What do we call the program? (pick or name this program to give staff reason for call)

  • Patient Appreciation Program
  • 1, 2, 5, 10 Year Anniversary Special (pick your anniversary year)
  • Community Involvement Program
  • Patient follow-ups

Who is involved?  

  • Office Manager
    1. This person prints out a list of patients who have not been in for the last 6-9 months and have spent at least $300 or more
    2. This person is also a part of the team that makes calls to patients to set-up “free exam” appointments for that week.
  • Receptionist
    1. This person is a lead person who is making calls to patients on the list to set-up
      “free exam” appointments for that week.

What do we offer these patients to get them to come into the practice?

  • Free Exam and Complimentary Whitening for their next cleaning
    • Goal – Drive in patients with a broad offer that most patients will need after 6-9 months since their last appointment who have shown the ability to spend money. We make money on the treatments that can lead to treatment plans.
  • Sample Script – “Hello Mr. Patient, This is Amiee from Dental Practice, we are celebrating this week as “Patient Appreciation Week” and we are calling our best patients to offer them a free exam and free whitening after their cleaning. I have a few spots open on _____________ (insert day) at the hours of _____________ (insert times). Are you available to come in at these times?   (If the times / dates do not work, just ask them what a good time / date would be).

What should I expect of my staff and my patients?

  • Patient Expectation – The average “free” exam will spend around $300, with existing patients who have been loyal patients spending $600 – $700.
    • Do not get caught up in the cost of the free exam, the revenue you generate from this program and goodwill will far outweigh the costs.
  • Staff Expectation – They should be required to set at least 5 appointments on each day they do the
    call-back program, in which all for be for that week.

    • You are paying for your staff to be at the practice, this program keeps them busy.

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