Why Paper Marketing Is Greener than Digital Marketing

Our culture is on a decades-long mission to stop cutting down trees for paper. Slowing the devastating process of deforestation drives us to recycle and go “paperless” in every area possible. We have all received statements from banks, utilities, and telecommunication companies featuring a little picture of a tree or river with a phrase urging us to stop receiving paper statements and do everything online. Who could refuse to help the planet?

In a paperless age, direct mail marketing can seem completely counterintuitive. Why would you send out thousands of paper mailings made from trees? Sure, direct mail has proven itself to be effective – a few seconds are often all it takes to get you the business you need – but isn’t it better to try to get the same results digitally and save the environment?

Not necessarily.

The message behind those little images of trees and rivers on your bank statements is an assumption that digital marketing is better for the environment than paper is. However, digital marketing has an environmental impact, too.

Skewed Research

Paper has been the focus of a lot of negative attention. While we agree that many paper supply chains could up their sustainability game, many of the claims made against paper aren’t actually true. What people don’t realize is that making paper is actually a highly sustainable process. Unfortunately, it’s been around so long, there are a bunch of studies on the dangers of paper production and not nearly as many around the sustainability of technology. That is starting to change, and the results aren’t looking good for technology.

If you don’t believe paper production is one of the most sustainable processes on the planet, you need to read some statistics. According to a study by the American Forest and Paper Association, over 65 percent of paper is recycled in the United States. Even more unexpected is the fact that forest coverage from Maine to Minnesota has actually increased by 28 percent in the last century according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

To contrast, manufacturing and powering electronic products leave massive carbon footprints. And while phones and laptops can be used over and over again, they eventually become useless and have to be discarded. E-waste increases globally by 40 million tons a year and deeply affects third-world countries like Africa and India. Even though there are initiatives to recycle electronics, they cannot handle the sheer volume of toxic e-waste, which will only get worse.

It’s Not Really about Saving the Environment

The truth is, we don’t actually know if going paperless is truly benefiting the environment or if we’ve just traded deforestation for mountains of discarded technology that used to run off of power produced in giant, environmentally-dangerous power plants. What we do know is that going paperless can save money for companies who produce monthly statements. Is it the environment driving them, or their bottom line? We aren’t the only ones asking that question.

When it comes to the motivations behind going paperless, a lot of consumers are suspicious. A Two-Sides study revealed that a lot of consumers suspected that their company was wanting to save money rather than the environment when they pushed for e-billing. On top of that, a study by Forrester Research Inc. revealed that more than half of customers still prefer paper statements.

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