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August 2018

motorageaugust2018 8.18


Have you ever overcooked a steak or planted a garden that didn’t bloom? Chances are, you didn’t give up cooking or gardening afterward. Yet, when it comes to advertising, shop owners are often ready to quit marketing altogether after one failed campaign...[Read More]


February 2018

franchising world magazine 12.16

Parts and People - Market To Both Boomers And Millennials With Tailored, Generational Messages

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about how important it is to appeal to Millennial customers. While that’s true (with Millennials expected to represent 40 percent of all car buyers by 2020), continuing to market to their parents and older siblings is going to be just as crucial to your success... [Read More]


January / February 2018

shopowner 2.18

ShopOwner Magazine: - Increasing Competitiveness And Growing Your Business

If you’ve been in the automotive repair industry for any length of time, you know that consolidation is nothing new.

What has changed in this consolidation-rich environment is the rate at which these acquisitions are now occurring, driven in part by new entrants into the industry...[Read More]


dentistry 2.18
All dental practices will inevitably experience slow times. These are not the times to save money by pausing your marketing campaigns. This dentist learned just the opposite to be true, as well as several other ideas for getting through the slow times.
...[Read More]


January 2018

hvarcbusiness 1.18

HVACR Business: - Business Resolutions for a Profitable Year

The beginning of the year is typically when we take stock of our personal lives and pledge to make improvements. But have you ever considered taking the same approach to your professional life?

Going through the process... [Read More]


November / December 2017

franchising world magazine 12.16

HVAC Insider - HVAC Target Marketing

As the operator of a small business, I know how frustrating it can be to spend money on a marketing campaign that doesn’t produce results. In the HVAC industry, where budgeting for technicians and equipment is often the priority, one expensive advertising failure can be enough... [Read More]


September 2017

franchising world magazine 12.16


The years I spent managing repair shops taught that me that slow periods are inevitable. There are just certain times of the year – the holidays, back-to-school - when consumers put automotive repair on the back burner... [Read More]


August 2017

franchising world magazine 12.16

Franchise World Magazine - Getting The Whole Story: Essential Metrics For Tracking

Incorporating tracking methods will provide better accountability for your marketing campaigns and more peace of mind.

For small-business owners, every dollar counts. So, it’s easy to see why entrepreneurs are often unwilling to spend money on marketing efforts that don’t yield an immediate return... [Read More]

December 2016

franchising world magazine 12.16

Franchising World - Optimizing Franchise Omni-Channel Marketing (Pages 28-29)

Creating a seamless end user experience across multiple channels and devices.

Omni-channel marketing is about true continuity of the end user's experience with your brand. It's a new perspective to consider as you execute your marketing strategy. If you want more return on your marketing dollars, you should... [Read More]


Lube fall-2016

Lube + - Diagnosing Your Quick Lube Shop For The Future (Pages 18-19)


1. Actively Pursue Commercial Accounts Only 9% of fast lube annual sales came from fleets in 2013. Most small and mid sized fleets outsource their maintenance and repair work; particularly fleets with less than 50 vehicles Looking ahead in 2017, if you don't already have a plan of action in place to go after the fleet business... [Read More]


October 2016

Ratchet + Wrench - October 2016

Ratchet + Wrench - Growing Your Car Count


Q: What is call tracking and how can I use it to increase my average repair order and achieve sustainable high sales growth? Call tracking is a value added feature you could use to help track your marketing and advertising dollars. You may be thinking…I already have a business telephone number that I’ve been using for years. Using call tracking does not require you to... [Read More]


August 2016

Franchising World - August 2016

Franchising World - "What Successful Franchisors Do to Get Buy-in"

Franchise sales rarely happen by accident. We’ve put together a laundry list of must-do’s that will make you stand apart and sell units faster!

When talking to franchisees, make a point to cover the following topics:
1. Training Programs and Opening Support – What type of training programs and support do you offer from the onset to ensure the franchisee gets up and running
successfully? Have a detailed overview of... [Read More]


Motor Age Magazine - August 2016

Motor Age - "Smart Strategies for a Changing Landscape"

If you’ve noticed your car counts shrinking, you’re not alone. The automotive repair industry has undergone a seismic shift in the last decade.

Thanks to a slew of manufacture incentives, car sales have exploded since the recession. New car sales set a record in 2015 with 17.5 million vehicles sold — a 5.7 percent increase over 2014. Today’s cars are more technologically advanced, safer and more reliable than their older counterparts and thus, require fewer repairs.

Not only are cars better built, but the competition for automotive service customers has increased...
[Read More]


July 2016

ratchet + wrench July 2016

Ratchet+Wrench - "Growing Your Car Count"

Biggest Bang for your Marketing Buck

When it comes to marketing your shop, the conventional wisdom these days is to concentrate your efforts on digital channels. Pay-per-click, SEO and social media have become the buzzwords that marketing experts say shop owners need to embrace to maintain visibility in an increasingly competitive landscape....
[Read More]


Spring 2016

lube+ Spring 2016

LUBE+ - SEE PAGE 21: "Acquiring & Retaining Your Best Prospects"

Mudlick Mail is a Proud Member of the Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) Inaugural Edition of LUBE+

As the leader of one of the fastest growing small businesses in the country, I am constantly challenged with how company earnings should be reinvested for maximum growth overall. There are many marketing avenues for reaching your target audience. I would suggest using a variety of marketing channels to communicate. Finding the right marketing mix for your business may take some trial and error but here is a look at a few new and old methods I use...
[Read More on Page 21]


May 2016

MotorAge May 2016

MotorAge - "Choose the right customer retention program for your shop"

I don’t have to tell you that retaining customers is one of the biggest challenges facing shop owners today. It’s estimated that automotive repair shops are losing more than half of their customers each year. The losses are due to a variety of factors. Cars are better built and require fewer repairs, which is extending the number of days between visits. Shop owners are also seeing customers jump to dealerships, which in contrast to the aftermarket sector, are managing to retain 62 percent of their customers annually...
[Read More]


April 2016

Ratchet+Wrench April 2016

Ratchet+Wrench - "The Right Marketing Mix"

Acquiring & Retaining Your Best Customers

As the leader of one of the fastest growing small businesses in the country, I am constantly challenged with how company earnings should be reinvested for maximum growth overall.

If you're like me, you spend a good chunk of your business earnings back in the business with the hopes of earning greater profits! Sometimes, the challenge is....
[Read More]


January 2016

January 2016 RatchetWrench Magazine

Ratchet+Wrench - "Greg Sands to Keynote Ratchet+Wrench Management Conference"

Stand Out and Thrive: The Keys to Success in a Fast-Changing Industry

In his presentation, "Stand Out and Thrive: The Keys to Success in a Fast-Changing Industry," Sands will discuss consolidation and provide insight on his 20 years of experience in growing, building, buying and selling shops. The keynote will provide proven strategies that shops can implement to not only compete but also stand out in a competitive industry....
[Read More]


January 2016

January 2016 RatchetWrench Magazine

Ratchet+Wrench - "2016 Outlook: Start 2016 in the Fast Lane"

Creating A Pathway for Success

As a longtime automotive repair shop owner, I’ve experienced my fair share of ups and downs in the industry. As a result, I am always a little cautious about making predictions about where the auto repair market is headed. But as we look toward 2016, I have reason to be optimistic. While new car sales are strong, plenty of consumers are continuing to hold on to their existing cars, as evidenced by the fact that the average car on the road is...
[Read More]


December 2015

Ratchet+Wrench - December

Ratchet+Wrench - "Seven Steps to Becoming a ‘Yes Company’"

Why being a yes company can work successfully in any shop—without attracting bottom-feeder customers

Greg Sands has built an empire on saying “yes.” A former restaurateur, Sands brought many of the customer-centric business philosophies from the restaurant world to auto repair, eventually creating a multimillion dollar empire across the South and Southwest and opening and selling more than...
[Read More]


November 2015

MotorAge Magazine - November

MotorAge Magazine - "Increase your marketing budget"

You have to spend money in order to make money

It may sound counterintuitive, but the best way to lose money, is to not spend money. Of course we all run into budget crunches from time to time, particularly during slower periods of the year. But as you start looking for cuts, there should be one area of your finances that remains untouchable: your...
[Read More]


October 2015

Ratchet+Wrench - October

Ratchet+Wrench - "Growing Your Business"

Creating A Pathway for Success

After more than two decades in the automotive repair business – opening, growing and operating shops in multiple states under a variety of brands – I can definitively tell you there is no shortcut to success. Building a strong business requires patience, hard work and the ability to...
[Read More]


September 2015

MotorAge Magazine -September

Motor Age Magazine - "Evaluate your advertising efforts"

Effective marketing and advertising strategies are essential for your business

When it comes to the things shop owners want to spend money on, marketing and advertising aren’t typically at the top of the list. Most of us can think of a million other items we’d rather invest in – from new equipment to additional technicians. But the reality is, without marketing or advertising, you’ll never...
[Read More]


August 2015

Tire Business

Tire Business - "Selecting the best site for your shop"

CHICAGO (Aug. 4, 2015) — When it comes to selecting property for a new auto repair shop, “first in and best location” should be the prime criteria, according to Greg Sands, a multi-shop owner who offered advice on site selection during the recent Automechanika Chicago show in Chicago....
[Read More]



Ratchet+Wrench - "Know your numbers – Doctor production Part 1"

In my previous article, “Know Your Numbers,” I discussed the key practice indicators that we monitor in our practice. The first one (and possibly the most important) on my management report is doctor production. Let’s look a little further at doctor production and how you can improve it...
[Read More]


July 2015

Ratchet+Wrench Magazine - July

Ratchet+Wrench - "Growing Your Business"

The winning combination of marketing tactics
I’ve been marketing auto repair shops for more than two decades and while I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go, I remain convinced that there is no single magic bullet that will allow you to reach every potential customer.

The truth is, people are going to find you in different ways, so it’s difficult to limit yourself to just one marketing channel. For example...
[Read More]


May 2015

Chiro Economics - May

Chiro Economics - "The smash-hit seminar"

Master the art of giving educational talks to establish authority and attract new patients. In the digital world, you have a plethora of marketing methods to increase patient count and profits. But where should you begin? The vast scope of options at your fingertips can transform your practice, but it’s up to you to convert their potential into tangible results. This is a quandary faced by many doctors struggling to attract new patients.

Creating interest in your practice requires...
[Read More]



Dentistry IQ - "Know the numbers of your dental practice"

Remember when you were a kid and your mom bought you a paint-by-numbers kit? It contained a box with a blank “canvas” that had an outline of a picture lightly stamped on it. Each area in the picture had a corresponding number that referred to a paint color. If you followed the numbers and applied paint to those areas, you ended up with...
[Read More]


Ratchet+Wrench Magazine

Ratchet+Wrench - "Building Customer Loyalty"

Choosing your marketing wisely will yield dividends for years to come

If you own an established shop with a stable of loyal customers, you might be wondering why you should bother to market and advertise your business. The truth is, a certain amount of attrition in your business is inevitable. Some of your regular customers may move away. Some might...
[Read More]


April 2015

ChiroEco-April Magazine Cover Image

Chiro Economics - "Total Recall"

Healthcare marketing strategies to attract your ideal patients.

Finding yourself in the right place at the right time is often chalked up to luck, but in the marketing world moments of perceived serendipity are the result of meticulous design. Coincidence, in fact, has nothing to do with a message about your practice that resonates with your target audience. It signifies...
[Read More]


March 2015


Dentistry IQ - "How to nurture your dental 'flock'"

A lot of time, energy, and print is spent to acquire new patients and staff. Have you ever stopped to think about the cost of these acquisitions? The cost of acquiring and training a new team member ranges from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars in lost production. In our office, new patient acquisition cost is around...
[Read More]


business view magazine - march2015

Business View Magazine - "Meineke Car Care Centers: Total Car Care, since 1972"

If you’re trying to find your grandfather’s repair shop, Daniel Rivera has directions.

Keep driving.

In fact, the newly-installed president of Meineke Car Care Centers revels in the progress made since the early days in Houston, where the brand’s namesake – Sam Meineke – began his operation with a ...
[Read More]


January 2015

Ratchet+Wrench Magazine

Ratchet+Wrench Magazine - "The Road to a Better 2015"

The keys to making 2015 the most successful year for your business
In a fast-changing industry, many believe 2015 will be a crucial year for the automotive aftermarket. From increasingly advanced in-vehicle technology to more savvy customers to rising costs of doing business, there’s no shortage of obstacles facing an independent shop today.

All of it leads to one question: What does a shop need to do to...
[Read More]

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