National Automotive Service Franchise Direct Mail Marketing Results


Location: Centrally located in a mid-size populous city of 302,000 individuals
Years in Business: 8 years
Shop Capability: One location with six techs and one manager
Marketing Mix: The franchise dealer used a combination of store-front pop-up banners, a billboard advertisement close to their shop and a robust website. In addition to these efforts, a small budget is being allocated to paid-search advertising.


The franchise dealer closed its doors for a few weeks to do some shop upgrades. Even before the temporary close, the shop was experiencing slow sales. Their marketing tactics were not producing the car count needed to keep six techs busy and maintain shop profitability. The shop owner needed to generate awareness on the re-opening and drive in customers immediately. The owner was challenged in the past with knowing how his existing marketing tactics were performing in terms of increased car count and sales.


The independent franchise dealer partnered with Mudlick Mail to execute a direct mail campaign. The Mudlick Mail Dedicated Account Manager provided consultation and helped the shop owner develop a mail campaign that would deliver optimal results. As part of the solution, the consult and service delivery included:

  • A free market analysis which identified the shop’s full market potential, a complete list of prospects in a 3-5 mile radius of the shop. The prospects were targeted based on specific demographic criteria.
  • Professional design services for a 6x11, full-color postcard. The postcard included attractive discount offers and a sweepstakes drawing. The broad discount offers were used to drive customers in the shop. The sweepstakes offer was used as an engagement tool to drive prospects to the website for brand exposure.
  • A free call tracking number was provided to help track the direct mail campaign performance. The shop owner would have access to performance metrics and recorded calls 24/7.
  • Phone acquisition training and sample front-counter sales scripts were provided to help get cars in the shop and maximize the value of every repair order.
  • A database matching report was analyzed by Mudlick Mail every 30 days to determine how many new customers the direct mail campaign produced, total repair order values for each new customer and analytics on optimizing the mail list for maximum return on investment.

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Account Manager
mudlickFree Market
mudlickFree Call
mudlickROI Tracking
mudlickTarget List
mudlickPostal Receipts &
Delivery Reports

mudlick Compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30X
the chance of receiving a response from the customer.

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