Measure Your Marketing Results: Call Tracking

Reasons Why Call Tracking Matters

Call Tracking

Call tracking is a tried and true way of measuring your marketing and advertising efforts. The tracking method can show you how many phone calls were generated by paid online advertising, direct mail, print ads, television, radio and every other marketing channel.

Like many business owners, you’re faced with a tight marketing budget, which means every advertising campaign must prove its worth. We’ve outlined a few key reasons why call tracking matters and how you can leverage key insights to improve sales and marketing, operations, and customer service.


According to BIA Kelsey, a 30-year industry leader in research, consulting and advisory services, 68% of businesses say a phone call is their most valuable lead. And, callers are 10X more likely to buy than web leads.

If a consumer has taken the time to call you in response to your marketing message, it’s a strong indication they are interested in what you have to offer. Additionally, their action of calling to inquire indicates they may be further along in the decision-making process of purchasing and have the disposable income to transact sooner than later.

By knowing the number of incoming lead calls you get from your marketing advertisements, you can gain partial insight on what your customer acquisition rate is. In other words, how many of your phone leads result in set appointments or some form of commitment from the prospect to further engage or purchase with your business? Do you know how much it cost to generate a lead or acquire a customer? Call tracking can provide the baseline numbers you need to determine:

  • cost per lead
  • cost per sale and
  • marketing return on investment.

All, extremely valuable business intelligence.

Conversation Analytics and automated email example
Sample Conversation Analytics Dashboard – Mudlick Mail


An analysis published in Search Engine Journal found that marketers are likely missing 30% to 50% of their return on investment if they fail to track phone calls.

Call tracking is so much more than counting the number of phone calls generated by a marketing ad. You could learn a host of other things listening to inbound lead calls. A vast amount of usable data is captured in phone conversations such as:

  • lead quality,
  • demographic details,
  • buying propensity,
  • pricing sensitivity and
  • competitor intelligence.

More importantly, listening to calls, will give you the opportunity to refine how your front-line staff responds to customer inquiries and move them further down the sales pipeline. Oftentimes, business owners and marketers are misled by only reviewing the numbers, whether it is lead count numbers or sales numbers. It may lead you to conclude your marketing and advertising efforts are failing; when in reality, your advertising could be producing an excellent response. As a leader in direct mail advertising, oftentimes, we proactively listen to our customer calls to help the business owner identify areas of opportunity for call handling improvements. Bottom-line, call tracking can help you refine your intake processes, better train employees and drastically increase your conversion rates. Sometimes, it’s not the customer telling your front-line staff “no”, it’s your front-line staff telling the customer “no”, causing a breakdown in communication, ultimately resulting in a lost sale. Here are other phone acquisition resources you may find useful:


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