Marketing to Baby Boomers 101

Did you know that half of all consumer spending comes from baby boomers? Unfortunately, many businesses fail to market to baby boomers, choosing to focus their budgets and energy on millennials and Gen Zs. While these generations shouldn’t be ignored, consumers over the age of 50 make about $2.4 trillion annually, and if you aren’t marketing to this group of people, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. At Mudlick Mail, we have direct mail marketing down to a science, and we know how to define our audiences and customize our mailings to appeal to them. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss five marketing strategies that work well for baby boomers.

The Secret Strategies for Appealing to Baby Boomers

When we market to baby boomers, we use the following five strategies to make our efforts effective:

Gather Professional Endorsements

Baby boomers are different from younger generations because friends’ opinions don’t mean as much. Instead, baby boomers depend on endorsements from experts. They want you to prove yourself and will look for reviews, ratings, and other types of third-party endorsements. If you offer a service, make sure you are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Ensure all of your certifications and licenses are recent and gather as many reviews as possible. When we design direct mail marketing materials, we can include a review or endorsement to give prospective customers the confidence to get in touch.

Settle In for the Long Run

Baby boomers view their purchases as investments. Before they make any purchases, they will want to assess all of their options to ensure they get the best product possible. This makes them much different from younger consumers, who usually want things right away. In order to accommodate baby boomers’ need to do research before purchasing, be ready to answer questions and provide one-on-one attention to each customer.

Include Online Marketing

Did you know that consumers over 50 spend about $7 billion online? While direct mail marketing continues to be an extremely powerful tool when it comes to baby boomers, don’t limit yourself. Include online marketing and use your direct mail to guide consumers to your site where they can purchase with convenience.

Be Thorough

While millennials want the basics along with the option to learn more, baby boomers want all the information laid out immediately. That means your marketing efforts will be more effective if they feature longer copy and detailed explanations. Information proves that you’re an expert, willing to be transparent, and able to help your customers make the best decisions for themselves.

Ensure the Marketing Is Baby-Boomer-Friendly

By “friendly,” we mean you need to make it easy to understand your marketing. Larger print, clear calls to action, and simpler designs appeal to people who aren’t as familiar with technology or don’t have great eyesight. There’s a difference here between dumbing something down and making it easy; be sure you aren’t doing the former.

When you work with Mudlick Mail, you get a dedicated account manager who will ensure that your mailings are not only going to the right people; they are designed to appeal to them. Contact Mudlick Mail today!

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