Why Marketing Mail is Indispensable

It makes sense that the team at Mudlick Mail would be in favor of direct mail. It’s what we do, after all! Like any proud parents, we think direct mail is indispensable to business success. However, some people write our enthusiasm off as simply being invested in our own product. In the age of electronic marketing, you have to be really invested in “outdated snail mail” to believe it actually works, right?

That would be true if the numbers didn’t support our work. Marketing is researched as aggressively (if not more aggressively) than most diseases, and when science speaks, it’s a good idea to listen. We’ve come a long way and added a lot of marketing strategies to the menu, but despite the lengthening of the list, direct mail refuses to fall away. In fact, its impact is only becoming more and more tenacious. Digital marketing is actually helping direct mail get the advantage. In today’s blog, we want to look at some numbers and discuss why direct mail is still the bedrock of marketing and cannot be dismissed by your business.

How Direct Mail Marketing Bypasses the Struggles of Digital Advertising

In a recent analysis of marketing trends, Dan Barrett of Customer & Market Insights with the U.S. Postal Service showed that the U.S. spends more on digital marketing than any other type of marketing. In fact, digital marketing is on track to surpass television marketing. It makes sense: we even watch television on the internet nowadays. However, with this mass exodus to digital marketing, new challenges are raising their heads and impeding the effectiveness of digital marketing. Digital marketing is pretty saturated already, and it’s only going to get worse. Here are some of the challenges facing digital marketers (that we don’t have to worry about in direct marketing):

Useless Bot Traffic

  • When you spend money on marketing, you want your content and design to reach prospective customers. Unfortunately, that isn’t what happens. Sure, some of it gets to actual people, and they will represent some of the traffic to your business. However, up to 37 percent of all those great clicks you get on your ad are from bots. About $7.2 billion will be wasted globally to bots this coming year. That is a lot of marketing budgets that shouldn’t have to take that kind of abuse.
  • Though a part of direct mail gets tossed in the trash or recycling, it isn’t put there by a robot, which is an immediate point in direct mail’s favor. To throw a piece of direct mail away, a recipient has to know it exists and what it’s about. A majority of digital ads and emails don’t even get that far.

Sheer Clutter

  • With saturation comes overwhelmed, shut-down customers, and digital marketing is digging that grave for itself as quickly as it can. Email users see four times as many ads now as they did six years ago, and consumers receive a whopping 520 marketing emails each month. If you’re simultaneously using a spam filter on your personal email and sending marketing emails out from your business, you’re leveraging a marketing technique that wouldn’t work for you. There’s something wrong with this picture!
  • While people are exhausted by wading through endless email marketing ploys, a piece of physical mail in the hand is extremely powerful. It’s fresh, different, and intriguing, especially to Millennials. Thank you, digital marketing, for making our direct mail more effective!

Abysmal Response Rates

  • You’ve paid for design, content, and an email service that can send your carefully-crafted piece of electronic advertising to a painstakingly-curated list of recipients. It goes out. And only 10 percent of the recipients open it. But maybe you have internet ads up, too. That should help right? Not really. Only about 50 percent of users click on online ads.
  • In contrast, Mudlick Mail ensures that your carefully-crafted physical mail gets to occupied residences where people will see it. By simply doing that, direct mail defeats a majority of electronic mail, and we haven’t even gotten to the effectiveness of the design or content yet!

Resistant Customers

  • People are generally sick of digital advertising. How do we know? Because at least 57 percent of desktop users have ad blocking software installed. They literally don’t want to hear what you have to say. This means that 26-28 percent of all ads are completely pointless, and that’s a lot of money going nowhere!
  • On the direct mail side, we can’t be blocked by a bit of software. We still require the consumer to make a decision after becoming aware of your product or service. That is already a better use of your marketing budget.

You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on Direct Mail

As you can see, we aren’t biased at Mudlick Mail; we just know our stuff. We understand how crucial your marketing budget is. We understand that you can’t afford to throw a bunch of ads in the air and hope something happens. That is why our elite team of highly-trained marketing experts works so hard every day to ensure our clients have beautiful, effective pieces of direct mail to send to actual people who need the product or service being advertised. We are here to make sure that your marketing budget works for you, not against you. That makes us the friend of small businesses and large businesses alike.

All businesses fill a need, but they need attention first. Take a step off the beaten path and let us show you just how phenomenally effective your marketing budget can be. Contact us today to learn more!

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