Landscape Marketing

Landscape Marketing

Mudlick Mail specializes in direct mail postcards. We mail 120 million direct mail ads annually, helping thousands of small businesses advertise their products and services. When you do your landscape marketing with us, you will get the best rates and the best service, making the cost of direct mail affordable and highly effective!

Direct mail postcard advertising is proven to get your landscape sales growing. Fend off competition by getting your quality lawn and maintenance service work noticed. Mudlick Mail’s direct marketing experts will make it easy for you to attract more leads and measure the results of your direct mail campaign. We will partner with you on developing accurate and targeted lists guaranteed to reach the right demographic for your landscape services. Our in-house design team will create visually stunning landscape postcard designs, assist you in crafting compelling offers, and mastermind a laser focus message.

The grass is not greener on the other side! Mudlick Mail is so confident in our work, our all-inclusive pricing includes call tracking, database matching, and call analysis…all to help you evaluate and measure the return on investment ( estimate your direct mail ROI ). We design lawn care postcards that work!

We make marketing landscape services easy by offering a complete direct mail service at a low, flat-rate price. Direct mail marketing will help you get your message in front of your best prospect –target your direct mailing using a number of attributes and/or demographic factors. Get advertising ideas – browse our postcard designs below and review our direct mail coupon library.

Our direct mail company has a wide selection of landscape direct mail examples to get you started. Let us help you take your lawncare and maintenance business to the next level!

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“I was convinced by my best friend to give Direct Mail a try because I was trying to expand my landscape business even though we had always been, ‘Word of Mouth’, and I kind of liked it that way. We have made money EVERY TIME we have mailed with this wonderful company.”

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We do it all!

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Account Manager
mudlickFree Market
mudlickFree Call
mudlickROI Tracking
mudlickTarget List
mudlickPostal Receipts &
Delivery Reports

mudlick Compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30X
the chance of receiving a response from the customer.

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