How to Make the Most of Your Direct Mail Postcards

There is nothing more frustrating than the void between you and your customers. Knowing people need your product or service but being unable to get their attention is one of the biggest challenges any business owner will face, and it’s why companies dedicate entire teams to marketing. Navigating timing, audience, content, and design to get your company the best customers can be a full-time job.

Marketing has seen a massive exodus to the online arena in the last decade, which has led many businesses to believe that physical mail is defunct. They believe that, because people are online all the time, online marketing is the best way to get their attention. The problem is, everyone has moved to online marketing. Customers are immersed in advertisements all the time, with thousands of businesses trying to get their attention. While online marketing offers its own set of unique advantages, it’s an incredibly saturated world, and businesses will exhaust their marketing budget just trying to stand out from millions of other businesses for an instant. Instead of burning your marketing budget this way, think outside the box and incorporate direct mail into your marketing strategy.

Direct mail comes in many different forms, but one of the most effective and cost-friendly forms is postcard marketing. Postcards can be endlessly customized without breaking the bank. You can use different sizes, shapes, graphics, and even add in perforations for coupons or deals. Because a postcard doesn’t have to be freed from an envelope before it can do the talking, it starts working the instant the recipient’s eyes hit it. At Mudlick Mail, we are experts in getting your point across in an instant so you gain new customers in seconds. Here are some of the things we consider when designing, printing, and mailing postcards for our clients.

The postcard needs to draw attention to itself.

Because postcards are thinner and often smaller than other types of mail, they need to pack a big punch. Our graphic designers know how to make every centimeter of postcard count, leveraging colors and strategic placement to make simple postcards more effective than more complex mailings.

The copy must be short but sweet.

Along the same lines as the last point, limited space forces us to be efficient and make every single word count. In a way, a postcard is a miniature billboard or a tweet that arrives in the mail. Our direct mail experts have a lot of experience with creating limited, effective copy that gets results.

Always integrate your website.

These days, having a website isn’t really optional if you own a business. The web is the new Main Street, and if you don’t have a storefront there, your business will likely suffer. While many businesses focus on the internet, there’s no need to limit yourself! Instead, leverage both web advertising and direct mail by using postcards to guide customers to your website. Your website will be able to give details and explanations that won’t fit on your postcard. It can also be designed to collect contact information by requiring people to share it in order to access a deal.

Promote events and boost attendance.

If your business has events, especially one that your customers expect, postcards are a fantastic tool. You can use them as announcements, as “Save the Date” reminders, and use them to link to a page on your website with more information. Even better, the affordability of postcard mailing empowers you to send out multiple reminders. This strategy can be an incredible tool for nonprofits or any other businesses that raise money via benefit dinners or auctions.

People may think that direct mail is dead, but it has never been more powerful. It contrasts so starkly with online marketing, it captures the attention of prospective customers, gives them a break from constant online advertising, and gives you a chance to be heard. This makes direct mail incredibly effective for almost any business or service, and we’ve proven this, as you can see in our industry gallery. We help dentists, beauticians, auto shops, gyms, and beyond reach the customers who need them without wasting money on blanket mailings or endless online ads.

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