How Our Direct Mail Service Works


Dedicated Account Manager

At Mudlick Mail, we treat every client like they’re our only one. As part of our partnership approach, we allocate a single point of contact to handle all of your needs. We ensure every Account Manager has the training and direct mail marketing expertise to ensure your direct mail campaigns are successful. They are responsible for routinely monitoring your campaign results and communicating with you every step of the way. We truly believe in partnering with each and every client; our success depends on your success!


Choosing the Right
Direct Mail Products

Our direct mail experts will consult with you to determine the best direct mail product to achieve your marketing objectives. Mudlick Mail offers a variety of direct mail products such as brochures, postcards, newsletters, and announcements. Whether your goal is focused on increasing customer count, retention and loyalty, announcing new products and/or services, or positioning your business as the market leader, we can deliver the right direct mail product and expertise! See what solution best meets your advertising needs.


Direct Mail Lists

Targeting your best prospect is the key to a successful direct mail marketing campaign. One of the many advantages of choosing direct mail service with Mudlick Mail is obtaining a FREE market analysis report. A market analysis report will help us build the right mailing list for your products and/or services. We use a variety of resources and tools, including proprietary techniques, to guarantee your direct mailers reach the right audience. Learn more on how we can help you identify and target your best customer – View a sample demographic report and market map.


Direct Mail
Design & Messaging

Mudlick Mail staffs an in-house team to handle all of your creative and design needs. We will work with you to create the best ad for your business. Unlike other direct mail companies, all of our graphic design services are included in our flat rate pricing. You simply provide your company logo (we will create one for you for FREE if you don’t have one) and business information, and we will create a direct mail advertisement guaranteed to capture the attention of your target audience. More on the creative process and sample designs.


Printing & Mailing

We can get you results fast; our turnaround time is one of the best in the industry! In as little as two weeks, we can have your direct mailers in the mailbox. Mudlick Mail partners with a few vendors to ensure you get the highest quality print output, at the lowest cost. Mudlick Mail offers a flat rate pricing model; you will not pay per-piece printing, per-piece postage, nor will we charge extra for color printing on both sides, regardless of which direct mail product you choose. We make it easy with our package price options so you know exactly what your direct mail marketing costs are upfront, with no hidden fees. You can budget with confidence. More on our production & delivery practices-sample postal delivery report.


Our company partners with vendors who utilize sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices.


Tracking Direct
Mail Advertising

Mudlick Mail’s partnership approach provides transparency, giving our clients confidence about their marketing spending. We offer a multitude of tracking tools to help you understand the impact each direct mail campaign is having on customer response rates, sales conversions, profitability, and return on marketing investment. Our growth strategy is not dependent on binding clients in contracts and volume commitments; we earn your business every month! Mudlick Mail utilizes common tracking features and proprietary techniques to help determine campaign performance. How we track campaign performance and sample reports.


Response Analysis

We understand budgets are tight and every marketing dollar spent should be justified. Mudlick Mail utilizes a number of common and proprietary tracking tools to create transparency and prove the impact of direct mail marketing. Our direct mail company’s diversified clients have seen a return on marketing spend after the very first direct mailer. See how we track campaign performance and sample reports.


Value Added
Resources & Services

Our success depends on your success. This is why we offer our clients ongoing value-added resources to help grow a healthy, sustainable business. As a Mudlick Mail client, you will get exclusive access to business templates, learning webinars, industry specific tutorial videos, training events and so much more. We strive to earn your business by delivering the best direct mail campaigns and providing best-in-class business and marketing expertise. Check out our blogs for direct mail solutions and advice!

More Than A Direct Mail Marketing Company

We believe that direct response marketing agencies should do a lot more than taking orders from you. At Mudlick Marketing, we will help you drive your marketing efforts, make strategic decisions, and craft every direct mail campaign.

Unlike some other top direct mail marketing companies, we will provide you with expert support during every stage of your direct marketing campaign. 

Our experienced direct mail experts will help you with every aspect of your direct response campaign - from developing your offer and choosing the optimal type of mailer, to list acquisition and mailer design - and all that for an all-inclusive affordable price per mailer.

At Mudlick Marketing, we believe that the best solutions come from using data to understand the market as well as understanding consumer needs. We will use data modeling to understand your customers and help you craft direct marketing campaigns capable of maximizing returns.

However, we will not stop there. We will track the results of every campaign and perform response analysis - free of cost.

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Our Approach To Direct Response Marketing