How Direct Mail Sells Cars


A sale is an event. At car dealerships, this is especially clear. It’s obvious that a car sale requires a who, what, why, when, and how. You need a customer who knows why they want a car, which car they want, why they want it, when they want it, and how to buy it. While many car dealers probably wish they could fill up a lot and wait for customers to come to them, this isn’t enough to keep a dealership afloat. You have to get the word out. You have to help prospective customers realize the what, why, when, and how of buying a car from you. If you think about it, that’s a ton of information!

Whether they sell cars or repair them, many companies in the auto industry lean on multiple channels for getting the word out. Television, magazines, radio, and internet are all options to consider, and the auto industry tends to lean on television a lot in particular. However, if you aren’t using direct mail, your marketing is incomplete. We are here to help, and we know what we’re doing!

How Direct Mail Sells Cars

Direct mail has been around for a long time. Instead of fading away as television and internet marketing came on the scene, it has just become more powerful. Part of its power comes from how different it is from electronic advertising. Its physicality is very important because it is pretty much impossible to ignore. While you can mute the television during a commercial or delete an email with one touch, physical mail has to be held, seen, sorted, and often left on the table for further consideration. Additionally, direct mail can act as an accelerant on the fire of other types of marketing like email or television.

Beyond its physical presence, what makes direct mail so powerful? The way it leverages data effectively! It allows you to truly understand the who, what, why, when, where, and how of making those all-important sales. When you do direct mail marketing with Mudlick Mail, we will build a database of carefully-curated information that ensures your mailings get you the most results.


If you’re going to pay for mail to be sent to prospective customers, it better not go to waste. The only way to make direct mail effective is to send it to the right people. But how do you know? You build a customer database with Mudlick Mail. We can help you personalize your mailings so you can speak directly to your prospective customers.


When you work with Mudlick Mail, you get a dedicated account manager who will take the time to help you define exactly what you’re trying to do. You need to understand two goals at the same time: your goals and your customers’ goals. Here are some of the basic things to consider:

  • Are you promoting a service drive? If you want to draw customers to your garage for service, we can help you design mailings with personalized specials around important maintenance like batteries, oil, tires, and brakes.
  • Do you need to move inventory as quickly as possible? We can turn to the internet to determine what people are searching for and design mailers that capitalize on what people want in your market.
  • Do you need more vehicles for a used lot? We can design a high-quality mailing with guaranteed trade-in offers that come across as dependable and trustworthy.
  • Do you want to find new customers? We have many tools to leverage your auto business, including using Trade-In analysis and information on the top pre-owned models that people want.

Whatever your goals may be, it’s important not to overwhelm your recipients. Keep things simple, images clear, and offers relevant. Make it easy to understand what to do next, and you’ll get better results.



Every market has a buying cycle. Fine-tuning your campaigns to capitalize on the right parts of the cycle will give you the best results, but you have to know what you’re doing. The key is understanding when people need what you offer and being on-the-spot with mail. You want to go where your customers are, not hope they come to you. For example, if you have current customers, you can use the service schedules on their vehicles to offer deals. This will keep them loyal and coming back to you for service.

We will help you plan your mailings to align with campaigns you have going on in other channels. You want your message to be consistent no matter which channel your recipients view, and we can help that happen.


Our marketing experts will help you identify your Primary Market Area, which is generally defined as the area that provides 80 percent of your business. We will define zip codes for selling, providing service, and acquiring new customers. We will ensure that your mailings offer an easy path to getting your customers’ needs fulfilled. We can direct them to your facility or your website — or both!


Effective direct mail allows you to talk to your customers rather than at them. By figuring out why your customers need what you offer will allow you to phrase your offers effectively. Data comes to bear pretty heavily here in informing your work.

Let Us Help Your Auto Business Thrive

Mudlick Mail has extensive experience in direct mail and the auto industry, and we would be proud to help you take your business to the next level. Contact us for world-class direct mail marketing today!

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