How Direct Mail Can Attract Millennials to Your Website

If figuring out how to market to your most effective audience keeps you up at night, you aren’t alone. At Mudlick Mail, we pour ourselves into determining which audience is best for our clients and making sure they get reached. Everybody has an opinion about how to market effectively, and we have found that it is important to acknowledge the tried-and-true strategies while keeping our minds open.

One of the areas that requires an open mind is marketing to millennials. People see millennials as submerged by technology and inaccessible to anyone using “outdated” marketing strategies like direct mail. However, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that millennials only respond to electronic marketing. When it comes to marketing to millennials, direct mail can be the key to getting millennials to your site. Don’t believe us? Read on!

You Can’t Ignore the Numbers

At Mudlick Mail, we work with numbers all day long in an effort to help the hardworking business owners we serve. That is why we know that MarketingProfs did a study of millennials about how they respond to ads. Half of the millennials surveyed said they ignore digital ads. However, only 15 percent said they ignore direct mail. This is hugely important information!

Why isn’t online marketing effective for a generation that lives so much of its life on the internet? There are a few main reasons:

  • Millennials have been exposed to internet marketing a majority of their lives. Unlike the generation before them, this generation learned to install ad blockers when they were kids. They’ve seen so many pop-up ads and flashing banners, they can actually “turn their brains off” and tune the advertisements out.  Add in the sheer volume of adds on the internet today, and your expensive online marketing efforts get lost in the white noise.
  • Online marketing has proven itself untrustworthy. Internet ads make it easy to promote scams and frauds. Millennials have learned that they cannot trust ads that look completely official, so why should they trust yours? Fortunately, the byproduct of electronic marketing’s troubles is an increased trust in direct mail, and rightly so. Mail is far less likely to be a trap, and as a result, 90 percent of millennials think it is reliable. 87 percent of millennials say they enjoy getting direct mail and 77 percent say they pay attention to it. These are numbers you can’t ignore!

Numbers aside, a majority of us tune out electronic marketing, no matter which generation we belong to. There is just too much of it. And you can bet the coming generations will be just as fatigued of online advertising, making the future of direct mail even brighter. Don’t miss out!

Direct Mail is Intriguing to Millennials

  • Direct mail is an opportunity to introduce your business or service in a way that people can’t resist. At Mudlick Mail, we have years of experience in creating pieces of direct mail that draw people in and make them want to learn more. As a result, we can effectively use your marketing budget to drive traffic to your website, brick-and-mortar location, or call center.
  • Though we won’t reveal all of our secrets in a blog, there are some basic strategies that work to draw millennials in. We keep details to a minimum, working to simply express the benefits, features, and problems that can be solved by your service or product. This type of copy is effective for millennials who only want the basics and the option to learn more. We add in proven colors, personalization, fonts, and different elements of design to make your direct mail tantalizing.

Direct Mail Facilitates Online Traffic

  • By including a short URL or QR code on your mail, we make it easy for millennials to get to you. If we’re directing people to a website, we recommend building personalized landing pages for incoming customers. You can make it worth their while to visit by including articles, videos, and other relevant content.

Mudlick Mail Is Here to Help

Taking your business to the next level isn’t optional. You provide a great service or product that people need, and we are here to help you get the word out. Contact us for direct mail marketing you can’t do without!

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