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How do I get started?

Getting started with Mudlick Mail is fast and simple. Just complete the Free Market Analysis request form from the Home page, and one of our dedicated account managers will contact you. The account manager will walk you through our program to help you determine your marketing needs. From design to delivery, it’s that easy!


What is the “Free Market Analysis”? How does it work?

A market analysis consists of a demographic report and map that will show what types of customers are located in the areas surrounding your business. The process to get started is simple. Just describe your business, target customers, and goals to one of our dedicated account representatives, and we’ll do the rest. We pull the count reports to identify your target customers in your market area and analyze which customers will yield the highest return on your advertising campaign.

What do you mean by a Turn-Key / Flat Fee Program?

We understand the hassle of having to deal with multiple vendors, so we’ve made the process very simple and “Turn-key”. When you work with Mudlick Mail, we coordinate the artwork, carrier route selections, print, labeling, postage and trucking for all your direct mail. You deal with only one company – making the process incredibly easy and simple to get started. Our “Flat Fee” program offers one set cost per piece for your direct mail, unlike other companies that offer a price, and then add artist fees, list fees or set-up charges. At Mudlick Mail, we make it simple to price out. We offer a flat cost per piece, so you can easily figure out the cost of your mailing right from the beginning.

How much does it cost, and how do I pay?

All of our customers are given a flat fee cost per piece, right from the start. There are no hidden charges or set-up fees, just upfront pricing and great customer service. We require proof approval, mailing approval and credit card processing approval via e-mail each month, so our customers retain complete control of the process.

What are the clients responsible for handling?

  • Any images, logos, or company information that you would like to be included in your ad.
  • Submit changes / approvals to proofs before the deadline by logging into the customer dashboard.
  • Review and approve your orders through your dedicated account representative.
  • Provide up-to-date payment information to be charged at the time of print

Items we need to get started on your direct mail proof


Do I have to sign a contract or pay a fee to be in this program?

At Mudlick Mail, we do not require a contract or fee to be involved in our program. We offer our clients the flexibility to participate in our direct mail program on a monthly basis.

How does the graphic design service work? Do I get to make changes to my ad?

We take pride in offering exceptional customer service. When you work with Mudlick Mail, you will work directly with the artist who is designing your ad piece. We understand the challenge of trying to run a business, so our artists will be available throughout the week to make any necessary changes at a time that is convenient for you. We will help you gather the items needed to complete your proof and guide you through the proof approval process.

How does a call tracking number work?

A call tracking number is a local phone number for your area that is used to track the number of calls you received from your postcard. The tracking number forwards to your normal business line and the incoming calls are counted and recorded. This can be a great tool for measuring response as well as a staff training tool. Many of our customers use this as a management tool to make sure their staff is handling inbound calls from potential customers in accordance with their business processes.

To access call tracking data and listen to your recorded calls, download the step-by-step guide.

Call Tracking Guide


How many pieces do I have to mail?

The initial amount to be mailed is based on the market analysis of your area. Once we analyze your market area, we will find the optimal number of pieces for you to mail that will give you the highest return on your mailing. Direct mail can be a highly effective marketing vehicle over time, so our clients are encouraged to focus on getting their program started as soon as possible.

How many additional customers can I expect to have as a result of my direct mail?

As with any new marketing vehicle, the response your business gets will be based on a few factors – how many households you mail to, what your competitive situation is, how long you have been in your market area, what type of previous advertising you have done, and how effective your staff is in closing opportunities. For every month you send a direct mail piece, your response will grow exponentially from customers who have received your ad, as well as from customers that were referred to you.

We do it all!

Price includes (no contracts or volume commitment)

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mudlickFree Call
mudlickROI Tracking
mudlickTarget List
mudlickPostal Receipts &
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mudlick Compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30X
the chance of receiving a response from the customer.

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