Every Door Direct Mail Cost

What Exactly Is Every Door Direct Mail?
Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM is a low-cost service provided by the United States Post Office. Because EDDM is a low-cost option the USPS places a series of restrictions and requirements on anyone who wants to use EDDM – form the mailer types, and targeting options to the mailer sizes and personalization.

Every Door Direct Mail Costs
Every Door Direct mail costs are lower than any other type of direct mail marketing. Since the United States Post Office doesn’t have to spend a lot of resources in processing EDDM the actual cost of postage for EDDM can be as low as 17 cents. The low cost of postage will have a dramatic impact on your EDDM campaign costs.

What are other factors that can influence every door direct mail costs?
Just like with any other type of direct mail marketing the costs of EDDM will depend on factors such as the number of campaign targets, design costs, printing costs, size of the mailers and so on. If you are looking to save money on EDDM you can use a pre-made mailer template or look for a vendor that designs postcards for free.

Limitations Of Low-Cost EDDM
Every Door Direct Mail costs make this type of direct mail attractive to many small business owners. However, every door direct mail can’t work for every business.

Regardless of its costs, every door direct mail is not a good choice for businesses that need a high degree of segmentation and personalization.

On the other hand, businesses that appeal to almost every market segment – like pizza shops can take advantage of affordable costs that Every Door Direct Mail has to offer.

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