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If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a pioneer. It doesn’t matter how many people have started businesses before you; it’s your unique journey, and it can get intense. You can do everything possible to stand on the shoulders of the business giants that have come before, but running your own business can still feel like you’re trying to reinvent the wheel all by yourself. How do you let people know your business exists? How do you get them to convert? How do you win their loyalty and get them to stay?

When you decide to make direct mail solutions part of your marketing plan, you’ll find you have many mailing companies vying for your valuable marketing budget. You can’t afford to choose the wrong one. The first thing you need to do is understand direct mail marketing on a basic level. In today’s blog, we have some frequently-asked questions with answers to give you a leg-up on your journey. Read on!

Is direct mail still relevant?

Yes! Some people think that direct mail is dead, but the truth is, it’s just changing. It has become far more targeted in order to be cost-effective, which means it can function like a surgical tool to get you the business you need. Direct mail can also leverage technology by incorporating things like QR codes that take customers directly to digital content. The key is ensuring you’re sending the right thing to the right audience. Don’t jump into direct mail marketing if you haven’t done it before. Let our team take you through testing to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Why does direct mail often include a post script (P.S.)?

Studies have shown that it doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with business-to-business mailing or business-to-customer mailing; the P.S. is the most widely and first read parts of a letter. People see the little text set apart, and they get intrigued enough to read. If it suits your style, pulling a key fact out of your message and putting it in a P.S. can be extremely effective.

What is a normal response rate to direct marketing?

Response rate depends on media selection, timing, copy, list segmentation, and offers. At Mudlick Mail, we serve many different industries, so we can give you ballpark predictions based on your industry. If you’re new to direct mail marketing, it will take a while to figure out where your business stands and what kind of response we can get for you. We will do a lot of testing and monitoring so we can fine-tune your response rates and give you success.

Do I have to offer a free gift or free shipping for my direct mail to be successful?

Making an offer is more than waving freebies around. You need to offer a package with multiple elements—everything you can offer your prospective customers if they respond. It needs to push hesitant customers off the fence and address any buyer objections. The best offers are multifaceted, including pricing, product, incentives, customer service, and payment options. You’ll only find the right combination by testing, and at Mudlick Mail, we have testing down to a science. There’s nothing we love better than finding the perfect mailing for your business!

When you’re an entrepreneur, you pour everything you have into your business. This isn’t a mission for the faint of heart. The good news is, you have allies. The highly-trained team at Mudlick Mail is passionate about providing revolutionary direct mail solutions to a full range of industries. Learn more about how we can take your business to the next level today!

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