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Tracking & Measuring Direct Mail Advertisements: Penetration Reports

Tracking the success of your direct mail campaign can normally be an inaccurate process. Trying to count how many postcard mailers came back from the recipients is unreliable and cannot give you an accurate count of where most customers are coming from. Also, it doesn’t take into account customers that do not present the postcard mailer.

In addition to call tracking and counting coupons, Penetration Reporting is an effective way to measure your mail advertising and the response rates by the areas and/or neighborhoods you mailed. Mudlick Mail offers, FREE OF CHARGE, penetration reports as part of the turn-key solution. The report takes the guesswork out of determining which neighborhoods produce the best return on your marketing dollars.

  • Guarantee your mailing lists are optimized on each marketing campaign.
  • Detect where your most long-term profitable customer resides.

Reaching Your Ideal Customers

A FREE market analysis will show you the best areas to target based on neighborhoods and/or zip codes, median household income and distance. For B2B, a FREE market analysis could show the best businesses to target based on company revenue, number of employees, industry, and so much more.

After your first direct mail campaign, it is highly recommended you have your mailing lists compared to your customer database. An effective direct mail company can perform this technique and provide an analysis. Before planning your second marketing flyer, you will have assessed and understand where to allocate spend for maximum results.

You can also scale the success of your direct mail campaign by doing a database match, learn more. Project your ROI today!

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mudlick Compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30X
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