Data-Driven Direct Mail Services

Mudlick Marketing has provided more than 5000 businesses with a wide range of direct mail marketing services – from direct mail consulting and printing, to tracking and response analysis.

Our approach to direct mail service is based on data and expertise.

At Mudlick Marketing, we believe in simple and straightforward pricing. We pride ourselves on our affordable and all-inclusive pricing that covers all of our direct mail services including:

Free Campaign Planning and Strategy Development Service

As soon as you contact us, one of our experienced direct mail marketing experts will provide you with a number of consulting and data modeling services for free. 

You will get a free strategy consultation along with customer analysis and a demographic report.

Mailing List Services

We understand that proper targeting has a substantial impact on the success of your direct mail campaign. One of the many advantages of choosing our direct mail service is getting a completely free market analysis report. The purpose of this analysis to help you get a better understanding of your market and take the guesswork out of the campaign strategy.

 Direct Mail Design Service

 Mudlick Marketing has an experienced in-house creative team capable of designing mailers based on data-driven insights. We will provide you with creative solutions designed to captivate your target market. Our direct mail design service is included in our flat-rate cost. We will even design a logo for your business – if you need one. This is a completely free service.

Printing & Mailing Services

We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality commercial printing.

Our simple flat-per piece pricing will ensure that you don’t have to pay extra for color printing, two-sided prints and so on. In addition, the cost of postage, as well as mailing service, is included in the flat-per piece price.

You will know the price of our direct mail services upfront and you will never be surprised.  

Direct Mail Tracking Service

Our approach to direct mail services is based on transparency and data. We have a number of free tools and services that will ensure that you can measure the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns. Every campaign includes free phone tracking as well as free campaign response services. 

All-Inclusive Direct Mail Service

Our direct mail services were designed with you in mind. You don’t need to spend time or resources in figuring out the type of targeting you need, whether or not you need to use postcards, letters or brochures.

With Mudlick Marketing, we tailor our direct mail services to your needs and objectives.

In addition, our service is flexible. You can use your own designs, and you don’t have to utilize our mailing list services. The scope of your involvement is entirely up to you. 

Weekly Direct Mailing Services

Our Weekly Flex Direct Mail Service blends our all-inclusive pricing with even more affordability and flexibility. Our clients choose this service because it helps them save money while putting their direct mail marketing on auto-pilot. Our weekly direct mail service starts at less than $300. 

24 Hour Turnaround Direct Mail Service

We have developed an emergency direct mail service for companies that want to beat the competition by getting in front of their customers faster. 

Our 24 Hour Mailing Service is not available for all direct mail products, it has a different pricing structure and strict artwork approval deadlines. Take advantage of the fastest direct mail service turnaround time in the industry.  

What Determines The Cost Of Our Direct Mail Service?

Our simple, all-inclusive direct mail service pricing is based on the type of mailer used for your campaign, the type of targeting you need, the size of your mailing list, and the cost of postage.

Our neighborhood mailing service is less expensive than mailing nationwide. We have a volume discount and an affordable weekly mailing program that makes our services even more affordable.

You Can Finance Our Direct Mail Services

To help make the cost of our services more manageable we decided to offer you with interest-free financing options. Use our financing to start generating revenue today while conveniently spreading the cost of our services over a 6 or 12 – month period. With our financing, you will pay no interest and no pre-payment penalties.

Take advantage of our direct mail services – worry-free! 

Are You Interested In Our Services?

If you are interested in our services call or email us today and you will be connected with an experienced direct mail marketing expert, and you will get a free strategy consultation.

We do it all!

Price includes (no contracts or volume commitment)

Account Manager
mudlickFree Market
mudlickFree Call
mudlickROI Tracking
mudlickTarget List
mudlickPostal Receipts &
Delivery Reports

mudlick Compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30X
the chance of receiving a response from the customer.

Direct Marketing Association mudlick

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