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What Are Direct Mail Flyers 

In the context of direct mail, flyers or fliers are a type of mailer made to convey more information to your targeted audience than other types of direct mail. 

Direct mail flyers can be used to promote both businesses and non-profit organizations. Typically, flyers are used to promote a wide array of businesses like auto repair companies, plumbers, dentists, landscapers.

In addition to promoting a business, flyers are frequently used to promote concerts, community events as well as political campaigns.

Flyers are an effective type of direct mail for business to business marketing especially when complex services or products are being promoted.       

When Should Flyers Be Used?

Direct mail flyers should be used in situations where your advertising campaigns have a number of offers or when more information is needed to make the campaigns effective. 

In some situations and industries, the use of direct mail flyers is not optional. 

For example - flyers should be used by restaurants in almost all cases since menus need to contain more information.

This is the case with most B2B direct mail campaigns.  

Direct Mail Flyers Cost

Direct mail flyer cost depends on more than a few factors. The quality of flyer printing has a substantial influence on cost. Full-color printing is significantly more expensive than black and white printing. Personalizing your direct mail flyers will further increase the costs. 

If you need to acquire a list for your flyer direct mail campaign, you will further increase your campaign costs. Even the geographical destinations of your campaigns influence on your flyer campaign costs.

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Direct Mail Flyer Examples

Fitness Brochure
Car Dealership Flyer
Automotive Repair Flyer

mudlick Compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30X
the chance of receiving a response from the customer.

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