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Grow Your Dental Practice With Direct Mail Marketing

Successful dental offices across the US use direct mail marketing as a key element of their marketing mix. Direct mail marketing is most effective for dentists that use it both to acquire new patients and keep existing ones.

As a marketing channel, direct mail advertising is an affordable, measurable and effective way to grow your dental practice.

Using direct mail you can target potential patients using a number of demographic attributes such as neighborhood, income, gender, age and so on. Your offer, the design of your mailers as well as messaging has to appeal to the type of patient you want to acquire.

Having a clear picture of your ideal patient can greatly increase the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaigns.

In addition to having a clear understanding of your market, you need to set campaign objectives and a way to measure the success of your direct mail campaigns.

This is why it’s important to work with a direct mail marketing company that not only understands dental marketing but also the fact that your dental practice has unique goals and needs.


Our Direct Mail Marketing Proccess For Dentists


Defining Objectives and Strategy.

One of our experienced dental direct mail marketing experts will help you define objectives for your campaign, set key performance indicators (KPIs), and help you define your target market.


Offers and Mailer Design.

Your dedicated direct mail expert will help you develop the right offer for your campaign, choose the right direct mail product ( postcard or a flyer), and help with mailer design to maximize response rate, as well as the return on investment.


Direct Mail Lists.

Targeting your best prospects is the key to success of any direct mail marketing campaign. Your direct mail expert will help you with marketing analysis in order to establish targeting for your direct mail campaign.


Printing and Mailing.

After your campaign objectives had been defined, your offer developed and your target market defined, we will print your mailers and get them into your prospects’ mailboxes in as little as 2 weeks.


Tracking and Response Analysis.

One of our experienced dental direct mail marketing experts will help you define objectives for your campaign, set key performance indicators (KPIs), and help you define your target market.

Dental Postcard Marketing Experts

At Mudlick Marketing, we have conducted thousands of successful dental direct mail marketing campaigns for hundreds of dental offices from New York and Georgia to California.

We understand that every dental office is a business and that marketing dollars have to be spent wisely. Our knowledgeable dental marketing consultants have years of experience planning and executing countless direct mail advertising campaign for dentists.

Our team at Mudlick Marketing prides itself on helping a number of dental offices maximize their returns on direct response marketing and on providing clients with unmatched customer service, as well as transparent all-inclusive pricing.

A typical direct mail company will not have the level of expertise and experience in helping dental offices grow. In addition, with Mudlick Marketing, you will get a dedicated account manager that has helped dentists just like you grow using direct mail marketing.

Our affordable "per piece" pricing includes marketing consulting, custom design, offer development, printing, list acquisition, mail delivery reports, performance reporting, phone tracking and more.

Our dental clients choose us because:

  • We consistently get results;
  • Our industry-leading tracking and reporting takes the guesswork out of direct mail marketing;
  • They work with dedicated account managers experienced in planning and executing direct mail campaigns for dental offices;
  • Our transparent and affordable pricing includes design, printing, mailing lists, tracking etc.
  • Our team has years of experience in working with dental offices from coast to coast;
  • We will not make you sign a contract, regardless of the number of mailers you want to send.

Depending on the needs of your dental office we can develop a direct mail advertising strategy capable of bringing you the type of patient your practice needs. We can target potential patients based on a number of factors like:

  • Income and other demographic attributes.
  • Presence of children.
  • Dental ailments
  • New movers
  • Medication treatment
  • Etc


We are the experts in data-driven direct mail marketing for dental offices and will be able to help you define your ideal patient and connect with them.

Contact us today to schedule a free market analysis and a direct mail marketing strategy.



Mudlick Mail is an integral part of our marketing plan. Using Mudlick Mail over the last few months, we have seen our new patient count steadily grow from 50 to 100 new patients per month. They provide a very effective direct mail program. If you want to grow your business, you need to be using Mudlick Mail.

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Dental Marketing Products


Small Dental Marketing Postcard

Data cards are best suited to make announcements about your dental office or to serve as a reminder for upcoming dental appointments for your current patients.

Tri-Fold Mailer

Similar to the bifold, the trifold self mailer is large and stands out in the mailbox. It should be used to promote offers for procedures that require more information and photos.

6x11 Dental Marketing Postcards

6x11 postcards (also known as jumbo or colossal postcards) are best used to attract new potential patients. These postcards are customizable and personalizable, and can be used to promote special offers.

Dental Direct Mail Self Mailer

The bifold self mailer is an effective way of promoting services or procedures that require more information to be presented. For example, dental implants and offers related to this procedure.

Dental Marketing Postcard Costs

At Mudlick Marketing, we offer transparent, affordable, all-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees ever!

Our all-inclusive pricing structure includes:

  • Direct mail marketing analysis and strategy;
  • Offer development and mailer design;
  • Direct mail marketing lists;
  • Printing and mailing;
  • Tracking, measurement and response analysis.

The exact cost per mailer will depend on more than a few factors. These include the number of mailers in any single campaign, type of mailers, mailing lists etc.

More mailers in any given campaign will reduce the price per mailer. Brochure type mailers will be more expensive than advertising postcards, and specialty lists will be more expensive than simple saturation targeting.

In addition, we have developed monthly and weekly direct response marketing programs proven to get you more patients without breaking the bank.

Contact us today to talk to an experienced dental marketing expert and get a free market analysis, and a quote based on your dental office’s needs!


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