Mudlick 360 – Protect & Grow Customer Loyalty with Our Direct Mail CRM

Mudlick 360 – Protect & Grow Customer Loyalty with Our Direct Mail CRM

Mudlick 360 is a powerful retention tool designed specifically for automotive service shops to help create, track, and grow lifetime customers.

Our technology platform is seamless and intuitive in extracting key customer information in a comprehensive manner. Your Dedicated Account Manager will partner with you to help build your customer relationships and increase sales from repeat business. The CRM solution removes the administrative burden and automates your marketing communications using smart data. Our direct marketing solutions company earns your business every month - our campaign tracking tools and reports are second-to-none!

Intelligent Postcard Mailers

Our direct marketing solutions help you build better customer relationships and grow your shop sales by giving you the best view of your customers. Our Mudlick 360-degree approach uses technology to understand the customer buying cycle and vehicle maintenance needs. The insights are used to prioritize coupons and special offers based on the likelihood of them getting customers back in your shop. Postcard creative themes are automated to communicate timely and relevant messages focused on unique customer data such as the maintenance history, profile, and recommended vehicle service interims.

Mudlick 360 is designed to help get you the highest retention rates!

  • Combines Intelligent Messaging with Proven Coupon Offers.
  • Selects Best Offers Based on National Redemption Rates.
  • We Handle Everything, From Design to Delivery.

Innovative Email Marketing
Mudlick 360 combines the power of direct mail with email to improve your customer retention strategy. We help you craft simple, complimentary email communications that reinforce your postcard messages. Our solution makes it easy with automated, personalized messages crafted in a well-designed email template. The email templates are professionally coded and designed to ensure optimal delivery rates and higher open and click-thru rates. We utilize an advanced correction technology capable of identifying inaccurate or invalid email addresses to ensure your message gets in every inbox!

Mudlick 360 is a robust platform designed for easy interaction.

  • Improves Delivery Rates to Customer Email Inboxes.
  • Enhances Your Database with Automatic Email Address Corrections.
  • Email Automation Made Easy with Effective Drip Messages.

Simple & Easy to Get Started!
Features & Benefits:

  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Easy POS Integration
  • Fully Automated
  • Performance Reports & ROI Analysis

Monthly Price Includes:

  • 150 Postcard Mailers
  • 2,000 Email Sends
  • Turn-Key Services
  • Unlimited Access to Tracking Dashboards

"The First 3 Months of Using Mudlick 360, We Made $50,000 in Repeat Business!"
Actual Customer Results

  • 1,852 retention postcards mailed
  • Weekly reinforced email communications
  • 162 existing customers returned
  • $307.96 average repair order
  • $49,890 earned in repeat business

8.7% Response Rate

We do it all!

Price includes (no contracts or volume commitment)

Account Manager
mudlickFree Market
mudlickFree Call
mudlickROI Tracking
mudlickTarget List
mudlickPostal Receipts &
Delivery Reports

mudlick Compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30X
the chance of receiving a response from the customer.

Direct Marketing Association mudlick

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