Phone Call Tracking System

Phone Call Tracking System

One of the distinct advantages of direct mail with Mudlick Mail is the call tracking service we offer as part of our turn-key direct mail solution. The service is a value-added benefit and is included in our all-inclusive price quotes. Call tracking software is one tool to help you track and measure your direct mail campaign performance. The analytics can help you make better informed decisions when allocating your marketing budget.We want to earn your business on every mail marketing campaign! Calls are important and we provide you easy online access to call reports & recordings. We can even send you automated reports directly to your email. Mudlick Mail’s phone call tracking system makes tracking your direct mail campaign easy!

Call tracking can impact customer acquisition and your bottom-line sales! If you aren’t convinced, give us a call, and we’ll tell you why call tracking matters and how you can use it to grow customer count and sales.

Conversation Analytics

Mudlick Mail has partnered with Convirza, the industry leader in enterprise call marketing analytics and optimization. Convirza has taken call tracking and analytics to a whole new level with their Conversation Analytics platform. As part of our all-inclusive pricing, the Conversation Analytics dashboard is available to you if you choose to use a call tracking number on your direct mail advertisement.

For each call generated by your direct mail marketing, the platform analyzes the words using sophisticated speech recognition technology and extracts useful bits of information from the call. All of these call factors are tracked simultaneously and summarized for you. It’s like listening to calls, without listening to calls. We make tracking your direct mail advertising campaign easy! The platform will identify the following:

  • missed conversion opportunities,
  • a sales ready prospect,
  • a warm lead,
  • a closed sale,
  • a booked appointment,
  • pricing sensitivity,
  • caller or agent agitation,
  • compliments,
  • irate or upset customers,
  • and a ton of other metrics

We do it all!

Price includes (no contracts or volume commitment)

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mudlick Compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30X
the chance of receiving a response from the customer.

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