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  1. What does all-inclusive pricing mean as it relates to direct mail and bulk mail advertising?

With mail advertising, there are several line item costs you should be aware of up-front. These costs could possibly include:

  • Mail Lists Fees
  • Consultation
  • Paper Stock Upgrade Fees
  • Design & Creative Fees
  • Full Color – Both Sides
  • Postage
  • Mail Delivery Fees
  • Printing Fees
  • Campaign Tracking Fees
  • Mail Minimums

An all-inclusive price model takes into account all fees listed above. The per piece price will include everything from design to delivery to tracking your campaign performance.

  1. What does it mean for your bottom line marketing costs?

There are several advantages to all-inclusive pricing: it requires less time for you to compare prices as you shop around for the best value and it also prevents any budget shock during the process. You know up-front what your bottom-line mail advertising costs are. It translates to one transaction and one invoice; no billing for additional fees such as postage, printing and/or tracking after the campaign launches.

  1. List the advantages of the all-inclusive pricing model.

  • Avoidance of the old bait and switch tactics.
  • Up-front prices equate to budget awareness.
  • Less time consuming, both pre and post bulk mail campaign.
  • Less of a headache as you try to compare apples to apples.
  1. Do all direct mail and bulk mail vendors offer all-inclusive pricing?

No. We did competitive shopping for direct mailers and compared pricing models for the Top 10 Rated Direct Mail Vendors (ranked by Top Ten Reviews) and found only ONE vendor, Mudlick Mail, offered an all-inclusive direct mail price model. The other vendors either charged an additional fee for specific services (i.e. design fees) or their service offering did not match up to those of Mudlick Mail.

  1. How to compare Apples to Apples when choosing a direct mail or bulk mail vendor.

  • When obtaining quotes, use the 8 line item costs bulleted in question #1, as a checklist to ensure the quote you receive covers all of the features and benefits you desire for your next direct mail marketing campaign.
  • Being able to track the effectiveness of your bulk mailers should be a priority! Many direct mail companies DO NOT offer campaign tracking, nor does shared mail advertising or Every Door Direct Mail by the United States Postal Service.
    1. How many new customers did you gain from your mail marketing?
    2. What zip codes or targeted areas/demographics produced the most phone calls from your mail advertisements?
    3. How well did the front counter staff do in acquiring new patients or customers over the phone?
    4. What was the return on marketing investment (the amount of sales generated from the mail campaign beyond the total campaign costs)?

These are all questions you should have answered post-campaign. Most bulk mailers only offer “tracking” as it relates to mail delivery, which is important but shouldn’t be the only tracking available. What you can’t measure, you can’t manage. Check out all of the great tracking tools included in Mudlick Mail’s all-inclusive pricing!


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