Budgeting for Dental Direct Mail

Everyone seems to be looking for a great way to market their services these days, and direct mail is one solid option. As you begin to build your marketing budget, though, there are several things about direct mail advertising and marketing flyers that you’ll want to consider.

First, you need to keep several costs in mind before you begin to mail postcards or marketing flyers to potential patients. Renting a mailing list is part of the involved costs as is hiring a writer and graphic designer. It may also cost you a bit of money to have the flyers or postcards printed. If you have proofs made of the piece, that could cost extra, as could any alterations or retouching you need to have done. Postage costs also need to be factored into the equation.
dental direct mail budget
If the calculator in your head is overloading, take a step back. There are some great ways to save with dental direct mail, and in the long run, it’s going to cost you far less than you might imagine. First, be sure you’re using an efficient size and mailing format to make the most of your marketing dollars. Second, get rid of any undeliverable addresses from your list. Finally, make certain you create a tracking strategy for maximum effectiveness.

So, are you wondering what dental direct mail really costs? It depends a bit on the company or companies you use to handle the job, but choosing a turnkey solution like Mudlick Mail is the perfect way to combine your cost concerns and merge the companies you’re using. With free market analysis, free design services, and a flat rate guarantee on every dental direct mail project you start, you’ll always get more for your money. It’s the solution you’re searching for when it comes to your next round of marketing flyers or postcards to potential patients.


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