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Every business has a marketing budget, and if those funds aren’t used effectively, staying in business can be very difficult. Deciding how to use your marketing budget isn’t the easiest thing to do, and the stakes are pretty high. You have to consider advertising on the internet, social media, email, direct mail, and paid search. You’re trying to get to customers who are constantly inundated with advertisements. How do you cut through the noise and get their attention?

Numbers Don’t Lie

According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail has a response rate that dominates any other type of advertising. For every $167 marketers spend on direct mail in the United States, they sell $2095 in products or services. Direct mail’s response rate is 5.1%, compared to paid search’s .6%, social media’s .4%, email’s .6%, and online display’s .2%. This is the highest response rate the DMA has ever reported since its first report in 2003.

  • Takeaway: Direct mail gives your marketing dollars the biggest impact because it provides a palpable experience to your customers. The bigger the piece of mail, the bigger the impact.

Personalization Is Important

Did you know that the average consumer gets more than 2900 marketing messages per day? Even if consumers are interested in the marketing messages they get, it’s physically impossible to see them all. That means your own attempts to reach customers are probably lost in the mess.

Including a customer’s name makes a massive difference. When you add a customer’s name to the mail they get, the response can increase by to up 135 percent. Add in great design and careful list curation, and the response can skyrocket up to 500 percent.

  • Takeaway: In a world where consumers may feel like mere targets for companies trying to make money, personalization is incredibly powerful.

Pay Attention to Current Customers

It can take up to 20 touch points to reach a customer for the first time, which is why it is 10 times harder to reach new customers than nurture current ones. Just five percent customer retention can increase your profits by 25-95 percent. Direct mail is especially powerful when it comes to previous customers because the probability of success is 60 to 70 percent versus the 5 to 20 percent probability you face with new customers.

  • Takeaway: You can use direct mail to develop existing interest. Our team can help you keep both your current customers and your prospects engaged and pleased with your service or product. Using direct mail to recruit new customers is expensive, but it is so much easier to keep them, the benefits more than pay for that extra up-front cost.

Your marketing budget has the ability to change the course of your entire business. The team at Mudlick Mail is here to ensure you get every advantage and more. We mail over 10 million direct mailers a month, and we know how to target the audience you need. Contact us today to get started with direct mail marketing.

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