Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Experts


Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Experts

At Mudlick Marketing, we have helped thousands of automotive repair shops grow using our direct mail marketing strategies. We are not just an automotive direct mail company - we are uniquely positioned to serve auto repair shops better than other direct mail companies because we were started by a company that owned dozens of auto repair shops.

We are more than just a direct mail company with experience in helping automotive repair companies grow. In fact, we can help improve every aspect of your business - from operations to acquiring new customers.

Our direct mail marketing consultants have decades of combined experience in improving auto repair shops across the country.

Our experts will help you with every aspect of your postcard advertising campaign - from setting objectives for your campaign to selecting your target market, choosing the type of mailer, design and offer development to analyzing the results of your campaign.

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Why Auto Repair Companies Choose Us


Industry Expertise.

No other direct mail company has a similar level of industry experience and expertise. We have helped more than two thousand auto repair shops grow using direct mail.


Tracking and Reporting.

At Mudlick Marketing, we believe that there is no success without proper measurement. We provide every client with a proprietary phone tracking and reporting system.


All-Inclusive Affordable Pricing.

Some direct mail marketing companies have a number of hidden fees - we don’t. All of our pricing includes design, printing, mailing and tracking.


Great Results.

The reason that thousands of auto repair shops across the US trust us with their direct mail marketing needs is our unique ability to get results consistently.


No Contracts.

No other direct mail company has a similar level of industry experience and expertise. We have helped more than two thousand auto repair shops grow using direct mail.

Get Help From Automotive Direct Mail Experts

Our team at Mudlick Marketing has a proven track record of success in planning, developing and executing direct mail advertising campaigns for auto repair shops of any size - from small single location shops to national franchises.

From conducting tens of thousands of direct mail marketing campaigns for automotive repair shops, we have developed an unmatched level of expertise to grow your business. We can help you with not only setting your campaign objectives but also calculating key performance indicators that are unique to your business.

In addition, we will provide you with resources that will help with getting more appointments, upselling, and improving the sales skills of your staff.

Our consulting, reporting and phone tracking are free and included with every campaign we conduct.

Direct mail experts at Mudlick Marketing will help you choose your campaign targets based on different demographics attributes of your best customers, such as:

  • Neighborhoods (geographic distance from your auto repair shop);

  • Median household income;

  • Home values;

  • Gender;

  • Prospect age etc.

We can even target prospects based on specific vehicle makes and models, as well as years. All of this is included in our low, transparent cost per mailer.

You can visit our Mudlick Marketing automotive direct mail learning center that includes a number of business, marketing, operational, customer service and other resources you can leverage for free to improve every aspect of your automotive repair business.



As of July of 2015 I started using Mudlick advertising with a budget of about 1,500 mailing per month. After 6 months of using Mudlick advertising I eliminated my 3 major marketing pieces and increased Mudlick to 10,000 mailings per month. The 10,000 mailings started at the beginning of 2016 and after 3 months my car count is up 10.52% year over year. In the month of March alone we were up 118 vehicles compared to March of 2015. And, my average coupon ticket is up $73.

Ben Thorington, Saint Johns, FL mudlick


Direct Mail Products For Auto Repair Shops


Data Cards

Data cards are small postcards that are best used to announce a new service or make a major announcement for your auto repair shop. They are affordable and effective tools in making business announcements.

6x11 Postcards

Postcard advertising is an effective way to acquire new customers for your auto repair shop. These postcards are difficult to ignore and tend to produce high response rates in most campaigns.

Reward Cards

Keeping existing customers is cheaper and easier than acquiring new ones. Our loyalty marketing card is an effective tool of customer retention. Talk to our auto repair direct mail consultants to learn more!

Key Tags

Key tags are simply plastic tags that you place on your customer’s car keys. You can use them to increase your brand awareness by placing your logo, address and phone number on them.

More Than A Direct Mail Marketing Company

We understand that direct mail marketing, while being a key ingredient of a successful marketing mix, shouldn’t be used as the only tool in your marketing arsenal.

At Mudlick Marketing, we have developed a number of services geared towards helping you keep your existing customers, as well as to acquire new ones.

We offer everything from loyalty products like reward cards and key tags to online review management solutions, digital advertising solutions, and other innovative omnichannel marketing services.

Contact us today to get a free marketing strategy consultation with a direct mail marketing expert, experienced in helping auto repair shops just like yours to grow!

Don’t forget to ask about online review management, display advertising, social media management and other services we offer that can help you improve your bottom line!

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