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Have you heard of informed delivery?

Recently, the United States Postal Service rolled out a program that allows people to “preview” their snail mail. It provides its subscribers with a digital preview of the mail coming their way each day. The images are accessible via mobile app, email, and an online dashboard. However, they aren’t just straightforward images of the mail. Marketers have the chance to add personalized images and links to the preview, allowing them to make a very important digital connection with their target audience. As you can imagine, this new opportunity presents several challenges to marketers and the businesses they work for.

At Mudlick Mail, we are very much aware of this development in the postal world, and we’re excited to ensure you that we can use it to make sure you stand out in your recipients’ mailboxes. In today’s blog, we’re going to go over informed delivery and how it can be wielded as a tool for building anticipation.

Informed Delivery Can Entice Recipients to Open Your Mail

We all love restaurant menus with pictures. They allow us to see the possibilities and explore which ones catch our eye. They spark our interest and prepare us for what we will be able to enjoy. The thing about a menu is that it provides visual information without engaging your senses of smell, hearing, temperature, or taste. There is more to be delivered. Informed delivery works the same way. It gives you a tantalizing image without allowing you to experience the texture, weight, or size of a piece of mail. It makes the art form rather pure: an image is all you have to work with, and you need a professional designer to bring every bit of talent to bear to make yours effective.

Informed delivery acts as a teaser, which means that you’re competing with other marketers on who can create the best outer envelope (OE). You need to have an image that is so intriguing, so compelling, the recipient will be looking for it when he or she empties the mailbox.

Because the Informed Delivery system scans the address side of any letter-sized piece of mail, design strategies need to align with it. Here are some tips we keep in mind:

  • The back of the OE won’t be shown
  • All scans are done in grayscale
  • Large mail like magazines or catalogs isn’t scanned

The Impacts of Informed Delivery on Design

Now that Informed Delivery is here, we have a middleman. It stands between sender and recipient, which means direct mail designers need to think differently about how campaigns are designed. When you work with Mudlick Mail, you can rest assured that you’re working with a team that is passionate about staying on the cutting edge of direct mail design, and we’ve got plenty of strategies to make Informed Delivery an advantage to your business. Here are just a few of the ways that design can accommodate Informed Delivery:

  • Graphics can be more effective than ever.

    • Envelopes are often kept simple because direct mailer teams depend on what is inside to get the heavy lifting done. However, more design needs to make its way onto the front of the envelope. Design promotes interest and it doesn’t have to be much; just a teaser can be enough to keep your mail at the top of the recipient’s mind.  Envelopes can be very powerful, and we can make sure yours fulfill their potential.
  • Content and branding need to be surgically effective.

    • We are used to working with limited space, so making the face of an envelope do hard work is nothing new to us. We can use phrases like “Limited time offer” and “Exclusive offer inside” to make recipients excited to open the mail. Depending on how familiar your targeted audience is with your brand, we will use your branding more or less prominent. We want customers familiar with your brand to greet your mail like an old friend, and for new customers to be excited to meet it.
  • The tone needs to be effective.

    • If you’re mailing something official, you’ll want your OE to clearly convey its importance. Including elements like barcodes, windows, and urgency messaging can drive recipients to open your mail immediately.

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