Are You Making these Common Direct Mail Mistakes?

Are you making these common direct mail mistakes?

Those within the dental industry often rely on direct mailing to reach new customers and to stay connected to current ones. Have you started a campaign only to see no real results? Are you disappointed in the lack of new leads or customer contact? Whether you are experiencing trouble or want to launch your marketing […]

Proofreading Is Key to Direct Mail Success – These Tips Can Help

Proofreading is key to direct mail success

When you’re attempting to speak to potential clients, the last thing you want to see is an error. Whether it’s a misspelling, a simple typo, or a missing comma, proofreading errors are nothing short of terrifying. Avoid mistakes in your direct mailing advertising with these tips. Print A Copy – We live in a digital […]

Got Direct Mail Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Got Direct Mail Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Direct mail has been around for decades, and while many thought that online marketing would fast replace this tried and true method, the simple truth is that it’s here to stay. Some businesses, particularly newer ones, are a bit afraid of a method like this one, though. Some put all of their faith in e-marketing […]

Direct Mail Advertising Needs Real Incentives!


Many companies these days know direct mail is the way to go, but how do you tweak those response rates just a little more? Use incentives in your direct mail. There are many different incentives you can offer to potential customers to help get your foot in the door with your product line or your […]

Real Incentives for Dental Direct Mail

Mouth care

If you’re like many other dental practices these days, you need a simple marketing solution that will do more for your practice. After all, your goal isn’t to be everything to every patient who walks through your door, so you don’t need a marketing campaign that uses every possible medium. Instead, you need the right […]

Calculating an ROI is Easy with Direct Mail Advertising.


When you use direct mail, you may find that measuring success or failure becomes a lot more manageable. Unlike other forms of advertising, such as television spots or newspaper ads, direct mail can be targeted very specifically, or very broadly, depending on the kind of business you run. If you work with a direct mail […]

Achieve Direct Mail Success Using Targeted Mailing Lists


The direct mail pieces look amazing, reel the customer in and provide great information but you aren’t having the direct mail success you had hoped for and were promised. That is because many companies overlook one of the biggest aspects of any direct mail campaign: carefully choosing a targeted mailing list. Direct mail success hinges […]

What is Direct Mail Advertising Used For?


If you own any business, you may be noticing a steady decrease in revenue as the current recession plagues the economy. Fortunately, there is an advertising solution that can help keep your company stay afloat. Known as direct mail advertising, this solution can be used for almost any promotional purpose for your respective business, and […]

Remaining Ethical In Direct Mail Distribution


When determining a viable marketing solution, many companies and individuals in business often wonder the same thing: is using direct mail an ethical practice? The short answer is that direct mail advertising is indeed considered ethical by most of society, but only if certain enumerated rules are followed in the transmission of the said mailings. […]

What Type of Direct Mail is Right for Your Campaign?


There are many types of direct mail advertising you could utilize for your company’s campaign. Some, however, are far more effective for your specific business than others. By analyzing the customer base you are appealing to as well as the focus of your business, you choose the most effective for you before making a costly […]