Marketing Works for Auto Repair Shops

As vehicle production and auto sales grow, so too do the numbers of auto repair service shops around the country. Think for a minute as you drive in your town or city – how many auto repair shops do you pass on a daily basis? 2, 5, 10? You’re likely seeing that many or more, as the auto repair service industry continues to grow leaps and bounds in North America.

The auto repair shops (aka the motor vehicle aftermarket) is a significant part of the U.S. economy, including all products and services purchased foauto repair business      Mudlick Mailr all vehicles after the original sale including replacement parts, accessories, lubricants, appearance products, tires, collision repairs as well as the tools and equipment necessary to make the repair.  Nearly 4 million people were employed in this industry, according to 2010 figures.

Overall aftermarket sales totaled $285.7 billion in 2010, representing a 4.2% increase over the previous year. Sales in the automotive aftermarket (cars and light trucks) totaled $215.4 billion while sales in the medium and heavy duty vehicle aftermarket totaled $70.3 billion.

Estimates range from 140,000 to 200,000 auto repair and service repairs shops in the US alone. Canada brings another 20,000 auto repair businesses into the overall picture. Now picture all those shops marketing their services to you via email marketing, shared printed mailers and other means of marketing, you get a sense of the large business opportunity seen by some forward thinking operators.

Count Mudlick Mail President Tim Ross among them. “We’ve actively done business with maybe around 700-1000 auto repair businesses, so the gross sale opportunity just within the auto repair vertical is pretty astronomical. We feel like we’ve really only scratched the surface.”

Mudlick Mail is a provider of direct mail marketing services to hundreds of auto repair service shops and car repair businesses around the US and Canada. The company expects solid double-digit growth in 2012. Mudlick is also an active member and partner to all the leading automotive member organizations, like the Automotive Service Association, the Automotive Service Council of California, the Automotive Training Institute and others.

“We’ve partnered ourselves with some incredibly strong training companies in our industry,” says Ross, a marketing and sales veteran of 15 years. “In our business, you have to take advantage of the knowledge and experience that’s out there. Our founder Greg Sands has been successful in auto repair for many years and helps Mudlick Mail to take advantage of those relationships.”

Mudlick Mail also offers to its clients a training and learning center on its website as well. This learning center area offers tips and strategies to our clients on ways to maximize an auto repair’s business through various forms of direct mail marketing and advertising, to how you handle customers, to how you staff your stores. We’re happy to offer this learning center to our partners and clients.”

Auto repair shop marketing continues to grow, even as gas prices rise. “You’ve got to drive a car, you’ve got to get to work,” says Ross. “That’s helped our industry a lot and that’s helped us as a company with Mudlick because we’re helping auto repairs businesses with their direct mail marketing. We help them to reach out to their customers now, who are more than ever needing repair on their car.”

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