Healthy Leadership has FOUR Core Concepts

By: Gary Gunn,

What does a physically healthy body have to do with healthy leadership?  How do they connect?  Is it possible to have both?  Can you have one without the other?  Would you agree both are a life-long adventure?  It takes many years perhaps a lifetime to become a master technician, cancer doctor, business-leader, and healthy leader.  So why does being physically healthy compare to healthy leadership?

A physically healthy body requires many aspects for you to accomplish.  Your commitment is the first essential; consistency of exercise comes second, proper diet ranks third, overcoming excuses comes in fourth, and purpose is the final fuel that makes it all happen.   Have you ever started a diet and stopped?  Have you ever joined a gym and didn’t go?  Perhaps procrastination has gotten in the way.

Being physically healthy requires weight management, willpower, perseverance, a strong why, and mindset of I can do this.  So what is holding you back, motivation, time or something else?

A healthy leader requires many aspects for you to accomplish.

  1. Your commitment is the first essential
  2. Consistency of mental exercise comes second
  3. Proper thinking ranks third
  4. Overcoming excuses comes in fourth

Purpose is the final fuel that makes it all happen.   Have you ever started down a path of becoming a better leader and stopped?  Have you ever joined a coaching company and didn’t go the distance?  Perhaps procrastination has gotten in the way.

Through my many years of helping shop owners move from business owner to business leader I have found this to be true.  There are FOUR CORE CONCEPTS to master.  Number one learning to budget for profit, number two learning to create a documented daily operations platform, number three learn that leadership management can be systemic and number four learning how to maximize advertising marketing dollars.  When you become a full-time student; of these FOUR CORE CONCEPTS healthy leadership can be achieved when you consistently seek knowledge, seek coaching, seek mentoring and seek books to exercise your brain.

Here is a five week rotation process to help you get started becoming a healthy leader establish a Monday-Sunday routine as follows.

  • WEEK 1- become a student of budgeting for profit
  • WEEK 2 – become a student of daily operations
  • WEEK 3 – become a student of leadership management
  • WEEK 4 – become student of advertising marketing
  • WEEK 5 – take a vacation from you healthy leadership training process.

Then hit the reset button and complete the rotation over after each week’s vacation for the rest of your business-leader-life.

What will prevent you from implementing your life-long adventure of healthy leadership?  Will it be procrastination, fear, time, money, commitment or faulty thinking?

There are many auto repair shop business owners but few business leaders.  Where would you like to be?  I want to leave you with one last thought.  It’s easy to become a business owner, but it’s easy not to become a business leader, so get started next Monday.


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